Current Signature Programs

  • Social Justice Lyceum Series (SJLS) Semesterly: In an effort to produce lifelong learners who are transformational leaders, SJLS promotes and enhances the intellectual and social development of UDC students, which in return will impact their contribution to society by introducing a broad range of topics to the UDC campus community. Guest lecturers are invited to present topics that encourage critical thinking, provoke healthy debate, and challenge assumptions. It is committed to building a diverse generation of competitive, civically engaged scholars and leaders.
  • Lunch & Learn Intergroup Dialogue Monthly: Lunch & Learn intergroup dialogues are cocurricular learning opportunities for facilitated conversations that strive to foster levels of understanding and education. It is intended to build relationships among participants with different social identities, across differences and conflicts, and mobilize historically marginalized communities to promote social justice.
  • Chat & Chews Quarterly: Chat & Chews are quarterly programming dinners that serve as a source of community building and evaluation for International Students each semester. The CDIMA hosts chat & chew dinners to create spaces for International Students who may experience financial hardship or inability to go to their native countries for winter semester breaks. They serve to provide a community/family-like setting that provides food & culture from the countries students are representing.
  • Experiential Learning Opportunities Semesterly: Experiential learning creates opportunities that immerses students in experiences that encourages reflection and the development of new skills, new attitudes, or new ways of thinking. The CDIMA develops experiential learning opportunities that provide necessary experiences for:
    • Non-traditional learners who may be removed from the traditional classroom and need motivation of contextual learning.
    • Students who need to personally experience the value of a subject in order to be motivated to learn and succeed.
    • Students who may experience difficulty in traditional learning methods within the formal classroom, and need alternative learning methods.
  • Short-term Study Abroad Education Travel Program Annually: was established by the Division of Student Success and Development and is hosted by the Center for Diversity, Inclusion & Multicultural Affairs. The SSAETP is an expenses-paid, experiential learning opportunity. Travel Scholarships are one aspect of our investment in UDC students’ academic, intellectual and professional success at UDC, as we understand it is our responsibility to create educational opportunities that will influence the potential shift in a student’s worldview.