Welcome to the University of the District of Columbia Student Center!


Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Center is to build a strong sense of community by offering a wide variety of high-quality services, well-managed facilities, and educationally relevant programs to enhance student development and success.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Student Center is to be a hub of student life and be among the nation’s premier student centers in facilities, student development opportunities, and services for the campus community.  The Student Center seeks to attain standards of excellence in all areas of endeavor.

Core Values

Positivity, Innovation, Collaboration, Creativity, Empowerment, Excellence

Goal Statements

  • Promote student engagement, leadership, learning, and success by supporting opportunities for participation and involvement in a diverse array of programs, activities, and employment.
  • Provide a variety of services and conveniences which are responsive to the diverse and constantly changing needs of the campus.
  • Foster interaction among University constituency groups and guests.
  • Provide a safe, accessible, and welcoming environment for the campus community within a well-maintained facility.
  • Preserve the facility for current and future generations of college students by practicing continuous high standards of maintenance, sustainability, refurbishment, and renovation.
  • Assist patrons with excellent event services support including room reservations, event planning, and event production.
  • Participate in on-going assessment and evaluation of services in an effort to best meet the ever-changing needs of the University community.
  • Provide space for student organizations and for student activities’ support offices.
  • Recruit, support, develop, and retain excellent staff who are committed to service and to the visions and goals of the Student Center, Division of Student Development and Success, and the University of the District of Columbia.

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