Members and Officers

2012 – 2013 academic year

Department Senator E-mail Year that unit must hold election (April)
1. UDC-CC, 1 Brenda Brown odd
2. UDC-CC, 2 Madkins, Steven odd
3. UDC-CC, 3 Patricia Myers odd
4. UDC-CC, 4 Madiana Odumosa even
5. UDC-CC, 5 Lori Taylor even
6. Computer Science Daryao Khatri even
7. Environmental Science Thomas Kakovitch even
8. Nutrition and Food Science B. Michelle Harris odd
9. Architecture and Urban Design Clarence Pearson even
10. Public Administration Unfilled pending internal review by the College of Business odd
11. David A. Clark School of Law John Brittain even
12. Accounting / Finance Eboh Ezeani odd
13. Biology and Chemistry Carolyn Cousin even
14. Management / Marketing Les Vermillion even
15. Communications Willie Faye Garrett odd
16. English Cherie Ann Turpin Even
17. Education Arlene King-Berry odd
18. Center for Urban Education Rachelle Nelson even
19. Criminal Justice, Sociology and Social Work Margaret Moore even
20. Political Science, History and Global Studies Guy Schroyer even
21. Nursing Connie Webster odd
22. Learning Resources Division Ed Jones even
23. Electrical and Computer Engineering Wagdy Mahmoud odd
24. Psychology and Counseling Eugene Johnson even
25. Math and Applied Statistics Thomas Bullock odd
26. Visual and Performing Arts Lennie Smith even
27. Civil and Mechanical Engineering Pradeep Behera odd
28. President of the UDC SGA Unfilled as of May 2012 odd
29. President of the UDC GSGA Unfilled as of May 2012 odd
30. President of the UDC-CC SGA Unfilled as of May 2012 odd

Meeting Dates: Every 2nd Tuesday, 2 - 4 p.m.
Meeting Location: Virtual

Contact:  Arlene King-Berry


Arlene King-Berry - (CAS) Chair
Andrea Adams - (CAS) Vice Chair
Phronie Jackson - (CAUSES) Secretary