Scholarships and Grants

There is not one resource for scholarships.

  • Financial Aid Office and UDC Foundation may have opportunities for you.
  • Thoroughly research scholarship opportunities with government, public and private businesses, employers (both your employer and your family member’s employer), stores, schools, foundations, religious organizations, fraternities and sororities among others.
  • Adhere to deadline dates and don’t wait for a deadline to apply.
  • File the FAFSA annually. Many scholarships are need based and require the FAFSA.
  • Consider your network of references (both professional and personal) and don’t rely on the same one or two people. Continue to build your network.

Scholarships, Fellowships & Internships
For students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, there are a number of opportunities to earn money towards education while gaining invaluable experience that today’s workplace demands.  Popular pursuits by current ME majors include:

The STEM Center for Research and Development is a valuable resource offering courses and enrichment activities designed to boost academic and professional competency, provide research opportunities, and increase student retention and graduation rates. STEM Center Fellowships (contact Anita Wood)