Major Achievements


Students in AMP3 Program

In all, UDC, Howard University, Morgan, and Lincoln University has engaged 43 students in AMP3 related research activities. These students have submitted their Internal Review Board (IRB) consent form to participate in the AMP3 consortium learning activities. UDC has 14 students, HU has 10 students, MSU has 5 students, and LU has 14 students.


Publications (students’ contribution)

To make the activities of AMP3 generally known, 4 peer reviewed publications were done. Three of these peer reviewed publications were co-authored by AMP3 students. The publications are presented below:


Tyagi, P.; Brent, D.; Saunders*, T.; Goulet*, T.; Riso*, C.; Klein, K.; Moreno, F. G., Roughness Reduction of Additively Manufactured Steel by Electropolishing. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2020, 106, 1337–1344. 1638686
Tyagi, P.; Riso, C.*; Amir, U.*; Rojas-Dotti, C.; Martínez-Lillo, J., Exploring room-temperature transport of single-molecule magnet-based molecular spintronics devices using the magnetic tunnel junction as a device platform. RSC Advances 2020, 10 (22), 13006-13015. 1607829
Tyagi, P. In Positive Intelligence Education for Unleashing Student Potential, ASME 2019 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, 2019; p V005T07A009. 1638640
Tyagi, P.; Riso, C.*, Magnetic force microscopy revealing long-range molecule impact on magnetic tunnel junction based molecular spintronics devices. Organic Electronics 2019, 75, 105421. 1638642
student researchers as coauthor


One out of the four peer-reviewed conference papers have been accepted as presented in the table below.


PEER-REVIEWED CONFERENCE PAPERS in ASME-International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE), Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon, November 13 – 19, 2020 Status

Paper Title: Effect of Altering the Sequence of Chempolishing and Electropolishing on Surface Properties of Additively Manufactured (Am) 316 Steel Components

Authors: Josh Dillard*, Wondwosen Demisse*, Andrew Grizzle*, Lucas Rice (KCNSC), Cordell Benton (KCNSC), Pawan Tyagi

Paper Number: IMECE2020-23514:

Paper Title: Impacts on Head Loss in a Pumpless Solar Thermal Heater Using Hardy-Cross Methodology

Authors: Mikelan Screbo*, Giancarlo Dorazio*, Pawan Tyagi

Paper Number: IMECE2020-23845

Paper Title: Positive Intelligence Training to Develop Self-Awareness for Enhancing Student Learning Potential During Higher Education

Authors: Pawan Tyagi, Marzieh Savadkoohi*, Wondwosen Demise*, Takele Gemeda*

Paper Number: IMECE2020-24134

Paper Title: Structural Stability of Magnetic Tunnel Junction Based Molecular Spintronics Devices (MTJMSD)

Authors: Josh Dillard*, Uzma Amir*, Vincent Lamberti (Y12), Pawan Tyagi

* student researchers as coauthor


Student Success

Click here for video of testimony from Joshua Dillard sharing his experience as AMP3 student.


Other Key Developments

 Development of Personal Protective Gears

AMP3 students Wondwosen Demisse, Gian Carlo D’Orazio, and Jamie Rios worked under Dr. Pawan Tyagi and Dr. Devdas Shetty to solve the issue of shortage of personal protective gears in the initial stage of COVID-19 spread. AMP3 team transformed their home and apartment into a production unit to run 3D printers around the clock and produce over 1000 face shields.

UDC COVID-19 Faceshield cover project to provide Additively manufactured PPE device, faceshield cover

Stack of 3D printed face shield structure.

Our typical online meeting to coordinate production and supply.

Our typical online meeting to coordinate production and supply.