Undergraduate Program Opportunities

CNRE offers long term opportunities for undergraduate students from freshman to senior level. CNRE students can participate in the following opportunities:

  • Collaborative research with CNRE industry partners (students get stipend)
  • Internships in highly selective industries and laboratories
  • CNRE sponsored curriculum activities and serving as TAs
  • CNRE affiliated senior capstone projects
  • CNRE funded accelerated MS program.

CNRE BS students will be funded to pursue research in high demand nanotechnology fields such as advance computers, renewable energy, biomedical devices, and advanced manufacturing. Our BS students will benefit from CNRE collaboration with the Industries and laboratories. CNRE is partnering with NIST, NRL, KCNSC, Y-12, and ORNL. CNRE BS students may be able to travel for conferences and to industries and national laboratories to gain unique experience and network with future employers.  CNRE BS students may get full tuition and a competitive stipend.

  • Learn more about BS program “Click Here
  • Learn about CNRE faculty expertise (video link)
  • Learn about potential BS projects (video link)
  • Learn about CNRE resources for BS students (video link – ABET videos)
  • Testimony of current CNRE student (video link)
  • Learn about CNRE and SEAS Graduate Programs (video link)

UDC ME department also offers a concentration in Additive Manufacturing and Nanotechnology to support the CNRE mission of developing highly skilled undergraduates. Our undergraduates also publish as a co-author in reputed international journals and attend renowned conferences and workshops while traveling across the USA. Please see list of undergraduate student publications below [underlined text show student researchers as coauthor].

  • Tyagi, P.; Brent, D.; Saunders, T.; Goulet, T.; Riso,; Klein, K.; Moreno, F. G., Roughness Reduction of Additively Manufactured Steel by Electropolishing. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2020, 106, 1337–1344.
  • Tyagi, ; Riso, C.; Amir, U.; Rojas-Dotti, C.; Martínez-Lillo, J., Exploring room-temperature transport of single-molecule magnet-based molecular spintronics devices using the magnetic tunnel junction as a device platform. RSC Advances 2020, 10 (22), 13006-13015.
  • Tyagi, P. In Positive Intelligence Education for Unleashing Student Potential, ASME 2019 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, 2019; p V005T07A009.
  • Tyagi, P.; Riso, C., Magnetic force microscopy revealing long-range molecule impact on magnetic tunnel junction based molecular spintronics devices. Organic Electronics 2019, 75, 105421.

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Advantages for our Undergraduate Students

  • UDC is in Washington DC, USA. This city is one of the world’s most favorite tourist place (~5 mile from iconic White House). Our students will have unparalleled access to free museums, city life, restaurants, parks, and career opportunities at walk-able distances or Metro.
  • UDC partnerships! UDC is 2-50 miles from >12 Federal Labs and organizations (e.g. National Institute of Health (NIH)NISTJHU-Applied Physics Laboratory). Our students can get exposure by working on collaborative projects and get support and recommendations from world renowned scientists to boost their career.
  • Conferences and travels! As CNRE student you will get opportunities to travel across USA and internationally to attend conferences and meetings related to your research.
  • Research Facility! UDC is self-sufficient to conduct cutting edge nanotechnology and related research. In addition, CNRE team also have access to unique equipment and sophisticated resources at NIST, NRL, and many collaborators in the neighborhood.
  • Career opportunities! CNRE will enable students to network with potential employers at Federal organizations, National Laboratories (NRLNISTNIH, ARL, and many Industries to bring numerous career opportunities when you graduate from UDC.
  • UDC is ranked # 1 (Link) in Mechanical Engineering for the affordability and quality. Our engineering program are also accredited by ABET. It means you get unique quality training and education opportunity at UDC.