Resources and Equipment

Research Facilities and Resources at UDC  

Available Dedicated Laboratories at University of The District of Columbia (UDC):  

  1. Nanotechnology Application Laboratory at UDC -Dr. Pawan Tyagi 
  1. Microscopy and Device Characterization Laboratory-Dr. Kate Klein 
  1. Multiscale Thermal Transport and Energy Conversion Laboratory (MT2EC)-Dr. Jiajun Xu  
  1. Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory -Metal Additive Manufacturing- Dr. Devdas Shetty 

Available Resources:  

UDC’s Nanotechnology Application Laboratory (NAL) self-sufficient for producing and studying microscopic (< 4 µm2) MTJMSD.  NAL is equipped with microfabrication resources like a clean room, two mask aligners, thin film deposition systems (sputtering machines and thermal evaporator), environment controlled annealing furnaces etc. NAL is also equipped with characterization tools such as 1-17 GHz ferromagnetic resonance, Keithley 4200 Semiconductor parameter analyzer with I-V, C-V option, ARS low-temperature magneto transport system and SEM. To support theoretical Monte Carlo studies our computational materials lab is equipped with multiple DELL workstations with Xenon processors and 14 cores. The full list of existing capabilities is provided under Facility and Resources.   

AM related Resources available at UDC: UDC has an EOSINT M280 metal 3D printer (Fig.3), We have on campus Phenom XL SEM, reflectance meter, and multiple mechanical testing resources. UDC also has collaboration with NIST and neighboring Howard University to utilize their complementary resources. Specifically, UDC will be seeking collaborative support to conduct fatigue and creep testing outside UDC campus.   

Resources to be acquired: In AMP3 PROPOSAL we have requested funds for etching and patterning, optical profilometer. Requested equipment will increase our capacity to perform the research under proposed projects.   




Equipment Information Equipment Task
Class 1000 certified clean room Nanotechnology Research
MJB3 Karl Suss Mask Aligner Photolithography for micro-scale patterning and device preparation
Newport Mask Aligner This apparatus holds the photomask in place to allow the UV light to shine on the substrate.
AJA International Sputtering Machine – 2DC powered and 3 RF powered guns with Plasma Oxidation Capabilities Used for thin film deposition by the process of sputtering.
Kurt J. Lesker Company Thermal Depositor Used for thin film deposition by using an electric resistance heater to melt the material and deposit unto a substrate.
NanoSurf Naio STM Scanning tunneling microscope allows students to study objects at the atomic level.
SEMICONSOFT MProbe Thin Film Measurement Uses spectral reflectance to measure the thickness of thin films in the nano to micro scale.
Versa STAT 4 Useful for electrochemical deposition
Air Science Purair Fumehood Fume hoods used in the clean room to filter chemical vapors
Micromanipulator Microscope Used for getting a magnified view of objects.
Vibrating Sample Magnetometer Magnetization study
Keithley Source Meter 4200 This equipment conducts current voltage studies to fA sensitivity and capacitance measurement
Keithley 6430 Source Meter I-V measurement up to femto amp level precision
Low Temperature Current Voltage Measurement System Measure transport properties up to 4K
Advanced Research System ARS Cryo 4K system for Variable Temperature Current-Voltage studies at variable temperature.
Quantum Design VersaLab Setup Hysteresis loop IV & FRM studies
VersaLab Phase Ferromagnetic Resonance Setup Ferromagnetic Resonance studies
Jasco NRS 4100 Laser Raman Spectrometer To analyze molecular structure by molecular vibration as well as infrared spectroscopy.
Gaertner Stokes Ellipsometer Oxides and semiconductor thin Films thickness measurement.
Nanosurf Naio AFM Ambient surface morphology and thickness scanning
Nanosurf C3000 AFM Morphology, thickness, magnetic composition scanning
Denton Vacuum Desk V system Ag, Au, Cu, Pt DC sputtering system
Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultrasonic cleaner capable to clean at different set temperatures
Solar Power Measuring Tool With Xenon Lamp Power Supply, Air mass 1.5 Silulator
Linkam Low Temp and RT IV Measurement Tool LN2 and RT I-V and C-V measurement
Durham Magneto Optics Micro Writer ML®3 Direct Write “Maskless” Lithography
Magneto Optic Kerr Effect (MOKE) Tool To measure changes in polarization that occur because magnetic fields influence the polarization state of optical radiation.
Holistic Transport Measurement System This integrated system is designed to conduct current voltage studies as a function of temperature, magnetic field, and variable wavelength light. We plan to do a Raman Spectroscopy & current-voltage studies in some cases.
UDC – Chemistry Department Bruker 400 MHz NMR
UDC – Chemistry Department FTIR