Research Collaborators and Partners

To pursue and achieve CNRE’s objectives, we will attain complementary resources and expertise via collaboration with a) UDC faculty and associates (b) national labs, (c) national academic institutions, and d) international academic institutions.

UDC Collaborators and Faculty Associates

The UDC collaborators include:

Collaboration with National Laboratories and Industries

CNRE will strengthen collaborative efforts with national laboratories, which have reputed, and resourceful researchers and they will positively impact CNRE associated research and education to make UDC internationally competitive:

Collaboration with National Academic Institutions

We are collaborating with the following National Academic Institutions (list them – hyperlink to their websites for example look for Prof. Kai Liu of Georgetown University)

Collaboration with International Academic Institutions

CNRE will collaborate with selected international academic institutions such as

Post Doctoral Research Associate 

Graduate Research Assistants