CNRE Management Committee

Professor Pawan Tyagi, PhD Pawan Tyagi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering | 202.274.6601,

Dr. Pawan Tyagi is the PI for this NSF-CREST funded CNRE. As a CNRE PI, he provides leadership for integrating nanotechnology in education at all levels to broaden the scope of CNRE nanotechnology research. He leads:

  • Purchase new equipment for Center of Nanotechnology for continuous enhancement
  • Maintain Nanoscale Fabrication Laboratory +Nanoscale Measurement Laboratory
  • Organize monthly meeting, review facilitate co-PIs work to meet CNRE mission
  • Recruit and supervise CNRE staff on day to day basis: Lab Engineer, Grant Coordinator, Postdoc.
  • Conduct grant evaluation by external evaluator (Quality Measure, Dr. Gwen Lee Thomas).
  • Conduct External Advisory board meeting
  • Conduct workshops on Positive/Emotional intelligence.
Dr. Kate Klein Kate Klein, Ph.D., Chair and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering | 202.274.7131,
Dr. Kate Klein brings a wealth of knowledge in materials science and skills in microscopy and microanalysis to the CREST center and leads the 2nd project on additive manufacturing. Dr. Klein also oversees CNRE student training in various NIST divisions via different pathways including NIST Prep. Along with serving on the additive manufacturing project, she leads the CNRE educational and outreach components that focuses on recruiting, retaining, and graduating students from underserved minority populations (ME chair role). Dr. Klein also supports GRFP training under CNRE. Initiate Nanotechnology concentration for undergraduate and graduate students in ME department.
Dr. Jiajun Xu Jiajun Xu, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering | 202.274.5048,
Dr. Jiajun Xu is a lead researcher of the 3rd subproject in nanoscale heat transfer. Dr. Xu manages (i) UDC’s state-of-the-art nanoscale heat transfer laboratory he set up with the help of an NSF Research Initiation Grant and (ii) Maintain EOSINT-M280 metal additive manufacturing machine to support subproject, (iii) conduct CNRE’s student competitions (NASA Rover and Student Poster competitions), and (iv) arrange students’ research exposure in the NIST and NRL Conduct summer high school outreach activities
Dr. Hongmei Dang Hongmei Dang, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering | 202.274.5836,

Dr. Hongmei Dang is a faculty in the Electrical Engineering. Her doctoral research background in nanowire-based and thin film based solar cells and devices will benefit subproject 1(Molecular Spintronics). She possesses knowledge of temperature dependent transport studies, capacitance-voltage, nanoelectronics devices, and electronics device modeling and will manage UDC’s device characterization laboratory. She also teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in nanotechnology. Co-PI Dr. Dang manages the monthly seminar series at UDC.

Dr. Devdas Shetty Devdas Shetty, Ph.D. , Dean and Professor of Mechanical Engineering | 202.274.5033,
Dr. Devdas Shetty, Dean of SEAS, supports the additive manufacturing project and leads graduate-level advanced manufacturing related course(s). He interfaces with the university administration for institutional support to smoothly conduct the proposed CNRE research and ensure its long-term operation and sustainability.

UDC Collaborators and Faculty Associates

  1. Azam Hossain (Civil Engineering)
  2. Xueqing Song (Chemistry)
  3. Nitsche Ludwig (Associate Dean of SEAS)
  4. Bushra Ahmad Saeed (UDC Community College)
  5. Kate Klein (Mechanical Engineering)
  6. Devdas Shetty (SEAS Dean)
  7. JiaJun Xu
  8. Alexander Peebles
  9. Udeoche Uche
  10. Hongmei Dang (Electrical Engineering)

Research Collaborators and Partners

To pursue and achieve CNRE’s objectives, we will attain complementary resources and expertise via collaboration with a) UDC faculty and associates (b) national labs, (c) national academic institutions, and d) international academic institutions.

UDC Collaborators and Faculty Associates

The UDC collaborators include:

Collaboration with National Laboratories and Industries

CNRE will strengthen collaborative efforts with national laboratories, which have reputed, and resourceful researchers and they will positively impact CNRE associated research and education to make UDC internationally competitive:

Collaboration with National Academic Institutions

Collaboration with International Academic Institutions

CNRE will collaborate with selected international academic institutions such as

Post Doctoral Research Associate 

Graduate Students

  • Pius Suh  | PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Andrew Grizzle  | PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Wondwosen Demisse  | PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Sampson Addo  | PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Cameron Huey  | PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Juan Estevez Hernandez  | PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Chistopher D’Angelo  | PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Uzma Amir  | PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Pablo Sanchez Guerrero | PhD Computer Science and Engineering
  • Ali AlshweikiMS Mechanical Engineering
  • Hayden BrownMS Mechanical Engineering
  • Tiwaloluwa Olukeye  | MS Mechanical Engineering

Ungraduate Students

  • Saqlain Webster | BS Mechanical Engineering
  • Danielle Thompson | BS Mechanical Engineering
  • Claudia Bahamon Lopez| BS Mechanical Engineering 
  • Daniel Fulford | BS Mechanical Engineering