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CNRE Monthly Seminar-Dr. Dan Bowen from KCNSC-September 14 2021

Shaping Human Future with Nanotechnology Workshop

The “Shaping Human Future with Nanotechnology” Workshop for High School Students was held on August 25, 2020, with twenty-one (21) minority students, four faculty guest speakers, and two graduate student speakers participating. We had 1 student from China, 1 from Nigeria, 1 from Canada, 9 from Washington, DC and 9 from Virginia.

The workshop focused on explaining what nanotechnology is about, its applications now and in the future, and opportunities in the nanotechnology in the University of the District of Columbia and beyond. Presentations and discussions on the field of engineering, nanotechnology and its application, and entrepreneurship were made by the guest speakers led by Professor Pawan Tyagi (Program Director of NSF-CREST CNRE), Dr. Mohammad Reza Shaeri (faculty member), Dr. Bishnu Dahal (Post-Doctoral Scholar), Mr. Sampson Addo (Grant Coordinator), Mr. Andrew Grizzle (Graduate Student) and Ms. Marzieh Savadkoohi (Graduate Student). A video of Joshua Dillard (undergraduate student) sharing his experience about the Engineering course, his internship, and available opportunities, was presented to participants. A quiz of the key items discussed was conducted using Kahoot and Ms. Laura Espuna Santana of James Madison High School, Vienna, Virginia took the first place. The second and third positions were taken by Lois Robertson and Audrey Coreas Chavez, respectively.

Past Seminars 


3D metal printing workshop with UDC EOS M280 Laser Metal Sintering Machine

(3/3-5/2020, Attendees: 8) UDC hosted a workshop for 4 days for selected graduate students (Wondwosen Demisse, Andrew Grizzle, Takele Gemeda, Giancarlo D’Orazio, Pablo Sanchez (lab engineer) to learn EOS-M280 metal 3D printer. Following picture is showing students and staff engaged with expert trainer. During this event we also made four videos. Learn more from the videos below.


Metal 3D Printing training


Advanced Postprocessing using Chemical Polishing (02/22/2020, Attendees 10)

The surface finishing of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) component can be challenging due to the hidden surfaces. This workshop and video show the University of District of Columbia research applying chemical polishing to improve surface smoothness inside and outside of the complex AM components. This work is also published in the following paper:

Tyagi, P.; Goulet, T.; Riso, C.; Garcia-Moreno, F., Reducing Surface Roughness By Chemical Polishing Of Additively Manufactured 3d Printed 316 Stainless Steel Components. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2019, 100 (9-12), 2895-2900.

See below YouTube video training on postprocessing of Additively Manufactured!


Additive Manufacturing Workshop (03/13/2020)

UDC ME student Jamie Rios hosted an AM workshop for interested student during the semester break at UDC. This workshop was heavily attended by 25 students.


Jamie explaining 3D printing to UDC Board of Trustees​

Additive Manufacturing Workshop, given by our student: Jaime Rios.

Additive Manufacturing Workshop, given by our student: Jaime Rios.

Additive Manufacturing Workshop, given by our student: Jaime Rios.

Jamie Rios presenting at the workshop during the semester break at UDC

Jamie explaining 3D printing to UDC Board of Trustees member

Jamie explaining 3D printing to member UDC Board of Trustees


Workshop by Dr. Tyagi for MECH 302 Research Experience Class Taguchi Design of experiment

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