CNRE focus on research projects utilizing nanoscale science and technology to solve the critical problems in the field of advanced manufacturing, energy, health, sustainability, and next generation computer devices. Our diverse research focus on develop holistic technical and soft skills among CNRE graduate in Washington DC area.

Interconnected CNRE Research

CNRE focuses on nanoscale interfacial transport processes to advance knowledge in the following high demand fields:

(1) Spin Based Computer Devices, Sensors, and Energy Conversion Systems: Utilize quantum properties of single molecular magnets and a wide range of other molecules like DNA, porphyrin, organometallics, etc. for producing spin-based random-access memory and logic devices, biochemical sensors, and spin based solar cells. (Subproject-1)

(2) Advancing Additive Manufacturing: Prepare complex shaped and metal 3D-printed components and make them suitable for challenging environments and applications by utilizing nanoscale coatings and sensors. Sensors can be based on the platform developed in project-1. (Subproject-2)

(3) Thermal management system: This project will discover fundamentals of nanoemulsions as advanced heat transfer materials for applications in advanced thermal management and energy conversion systems. Importantly, the advancement of three research projects are dependent on each other and theoretical studies for the three projects also provide opportunity to train UDC students in the application of fast evolving Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in nanoscale materials and devices. (Subproject-3)

Subproject 3