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Dr. Yolandra A. Plummer


Department of Business Management


Tel: 202.274.7044

Yolandra A. Plummer is a Professor of Management in the School of Business and Public Administration (SBPA) at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC).  She also serves as the Chair of the University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).  Prior to joining the University in 2013, Dr. Plummer managed the nonemergency medical transportation program for 5,000+ District of Columbia’s Medicaid-eligible residents.

Yolandra received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Howard University in 2005.  She received her Master of Public Administration from the University of the District of Columbia in 1993.  Yolandra earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Howard University in 1985.  Her research is focused on multidimensions of digital literacy of individuals receiving Temporary for Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits.  She has served as the Principal Investigator of the Paving Access Trails to Higher Security (PATHS) grant for 10 years.  The initiative focuses on work readiness training for District of Columbia residents receiving TANF benefits.  Dr. Plummer has 15+ years’ experience in public management.

Ph.D., Public Administration, Howard University, Washington, DC (2005)

M.P.A., Public Administration, University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC (1993)

B.A., Journalism, Howard University, Washington, DC (1989)

Work readiness and digital literacy of low-income populations and learner differences.

Plummer, Yolandra. (2021). The Value of Needy Populations. LifeRich Publishing.

Plummer, Yolandra A. (September 2021), “Telehuman Services improves Engagement of Low-income Populations,” Journal of Public Administration and Governance (JPAG). doi:10.5296/jpag.v11i3.18789

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