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Dr. Mohamad Sepehri


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Dr. Mohamad Sepehri (Dean Mo) serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the school of Business and Public Administration, providing leadership for program updates, enhancement, and development. He is the chief operating officer of the school, providing oversight for interdisciplinary programs, student services, assessment, and accreditation.  He guided and transformed the SBPA to achieve the prestigious AACSB accreditation. He has a unique combination of academic and business experience, with extensive background in strategic management/leadership, combined with broad experience in international and global business operations.

Dr. Sepehri is the Executive Editor of the Journal of Security & Sustainability.  He also serves on the editorial boards of various academic and professional journals.  He has done numerous research and publications in professional and refereed journals (PRJs), and he is a frequent and distinguished speaker at national as well as international forums.  He has been acknowledged as “outstanding contributor” to the field and he has been credited for his contributions to several textbook editions.

He has received numerous First Place and prestigious Gold Awards for business plans, community service projects, partnership with business projects, state leadership, and more.  He has served on the Executive Board of the Academy of International Business (AIBSE) for more than twenty years and he is the treasurer of the organization.   He has been listed in the Harvard Business Who’s Who as a distinguished scholar in international business.  He is a Fellow of the AIBSE.

Dean Mo has over 35 years of experience in strategic planning and global competitive market analysis.  He is a consultant and research analyst for business corporations.  He has served as expert advisor and consultant to several city, county, and state governments and he serves on the International Trade Committees and Trade Development Board of the Chamber of Commerce.

Ph.D., Business Administration & Management – Strategic International Business, Indiana University

Ph.D., Higher Ed Administration, Indiana University

Ph.D., Comparative Political Economy, Indiana University

M.B.A., Management and Administration, Indiana University

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Global/International Operations

  • Political Economy of Development

  • AI & sustainable Business Models

Contributing Editor: International Marketing and Management Research Series

Managing Social Robotics and Socio-Cultural Business Norms: Parallel Worlds of Emerging AI and Human Virtues (2022), Edited by: Anshu Arora, Amit Arora, John McIntyre, Mohamad Sepehri

Sustainable Innovation:  Trends in Marketing and Management (2020), Edited by: Anshu Arora, Sabine-Bacouel-Jentjens, Mohamad Sepehri, Amit Arora; Palgrave-Macmillan

Xu, F., Sepehri, M. Hua, J., Uncertainty Shocks, Network Position, and Inventory (2022), Corresponding Author: Dr. Dazhong Wu; International Journal of Production Economics