Dr. Nikolai V. Ostapenko

Associate Professor

SBPA, Marketing Department
nostapenko@udc.edu; Tel: 202.274.6681

Research Interests: My research interests are in cross-border business transactions, globalization of entrepreneurship, evolution of international economic integration, and in a variety of aspects of transnational management and global marketing management. I possess various research skills, traveled to many leading libraries in Europe and the U.S. to prepare manuscripts and books published. I have profound managerial experience in consulting business, successful project management assignments, able to maintain communication with the top clients and negotiate better business opportunities.

Selected Honors and Awards:

2008 Member, Editorial Board, “The HBCU Business Review”, Prairie View A&M University, Texas
2008 Member, Global Board of Governors, International Quality Education Foundation, Bern, Switzerland
2007 Oxford Journal Distinguished Research Professor, Award Nomination, Oxford Journal, Oxford, UK
1985 Associate Professor of Economic Theory (Docent, Acad. title) Moscow, USSR
1993 The British Council Award, Manchester, England
1994 University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business College Park, Maryland
Award for Outstanding Teaching Performance for 7 Years

Career in Brief:

1993 EXETER UNIVERSITY Exeter, England
Post-doctoral program in International Business
1993 ST. PETERSBURG UNIVERSITY St. Petersburg, Russia
Dr. Sc. in Developmental Economics
Subject: Global Agribusiness System
1991 STOCKHOLM UNIVERSITY Stockholm, Sweden
Post-graduate course in Ecological Economics
1990-1991 MOSCOW UNIVERSITY Moscow, Russia
Post-graduate course in Comparative and Regional Studies
1981 LENINGRAD UNIVERSITY Leningrad, Russia
Ph.D. in Economics/International Economics.
Subject: International Trade and Development

Land Grant Research area