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Van Ness Campus
4200 Connecticut Avenue, Building 71, Suite 2320
Washington, DC 20008

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Points of Contact

  • OUR Office Effectiveness: Victor McCrary (secondary Laura-Lee Davidson & Alexandra Laing)
  • Education & Training: Alexandra Laing (secondary Cynthia Muhammad)
  • Compliance & Security: Alexandra Laing (secondary Victor McCrary)
  • Institutional Review Board: Alexandra Laing (secondary Victor McCrary)
  • Pre-Awards: Cynthia Muhammad (secondary Laura-Lee Davidson)
  • Post-Awards: Nancy Moore & Alzira Harrison
  • K-12 STEM: Kevin Norton (secondary Taniya Robinson)
  • Website Content: Alexandra Laing (secondary Alzira Harrison)

Vice President for Research
Victor McCrary, Ph.D.
Building 71, Suite 2327
Telework Day: Tuesday

Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs & UDC AOR
Laura-Lee Davidson
Building 71, Suite 2325
Telework Day: Thursday

Grants Management Specialist (Pre-Award)
Cynthia Muhammad
Building 71, Suite 2323
Telework Day: Friday

Grants Management Specialist (Post-Award)
Alzira Harrison, Ph.D.
Building 71, Suite 2313
Telework Day: Monday

Grants Management Specialist (Post-Award)
Nancy C. Moore
Building 71, Suite 2321
Telework Day: Tuesday

Research Officer
Alexandra Laing, Ed.D.
Building 71, Suite 2312
Telework Day: Friday

K-12 STEM Program Manager
Kevin Norton, Ed.D.
Building 71, Suite 2320-C
Telework Day: Monday

Staff Assistant
Taniya Robinson
Building 71, Suite 2320-G
Telework Day: Tuesday