Consortium of Universities

The University of the District of Columbia is an affiliate of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. Other affiliates are The American University, The Catholic University of America, Corcoran College of Art+Design, Gallaudet University, George Mason University, The George Washington University, Georgetown University, National Defense Intelligence College, Howard University, Marymount University of Virginia, National Defense University, Trinity Washington University and University of Maryland (College Park Campus). Students enrolled at UDC may be eligible to take courses at any of the member institutions. Courses taken through the Consortium must be required for your program of study and not offered in the given semester at the university. Students are limited to six hours per semester (fall and spring only) through the Consortium. However, graduate students who have previously been granted nine transfer credits from non-Consortium schools may enroll and receive resident credit in only one of the Consortium institutions. Students are not eligible to take certification courses through the Consortium. To be eligible for participation in the Consortium, students must:

  1. be enrolled in a degree-granting program and be registered for the current semester at the University
  2. have approval from an academic major department and the dean
  3. be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (3.0 GPA for graduate students)
  4. be in good financial standing at the University of the District of Columbia and
  5. have completed a specified portion of their academic program—30 semester hours for students in associate degree programs, 60 semester hours for students in bachelor degree programs, and 50 percent of graduate- level academic programs

Registration forms and instructions are available from the University Consortium registration coordinator in the Registrar’s Office. The student must pay university tuition and fees for the current semester before becoming eligible to attend institutions of the Consortium. Official registration in the University of the District of Columbia is a prerequisite for the Consortium registration. Forms may be obtained from the coordinator during registration in Administration Building 39, Room A-135.

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