Office of Student Accounts


Student Financial Records

We maintain student financial records and respond to student financial inquiries. All tuition and fee transactions are maintained on the student account record. To be eligible to register for subsequent semesters, or to obtain copies of official transcripts or earned degree(s), the student’s account must have a zero balance. Accounts with outstanding balances are subject to referral to third party agents for collections. Students are subject to liability for associated collection fees.

Tuition Installment

We provide a tuition installment plan for the general student population. We offer an interest-free payment plan option. Tuition is paid to third party agent Nelnet in monthly installments. For more information or to enroll in the payment plan please visit or call 800.609.8056.

Agency Billings

We bill and receive third party agents for payment of tuition and fees. Appropriate forms from third parties must be submitted within specified deadlines. Students are responsible for outstanding amounts not paid or covered by the agent.

Cashiers’ Office

Bldg 39, 2nd Floor
Office Hours:  Tue & Thur 10am – 2pm

Accounts Receivables

We collect and post tuition and fee payments to student account records. We reconcile, and deposit all funds. We disburse check payments, and post transactions from various revenue sources.

Payment Options

1. Tuition and fees are due and payable at the time of registration. Cash, certified check, money order, personal checks (provided you have not presented an uncollectible check to the University in the past and you have a picture ID for the maker of the check), or credit cards (Master Card, Visa and Discover) are acceptable forms of payment.

2.  Deferred payments are available for the following students:

a.   Students who have training forms or agreements from a sponsor, organization, or employer requesting later billing from the University (i.e., Agency Billing).

b.   Students who have been approved to receive financial aid and have estimated award amounts printed on printout provided by advisors. Students registering with estimated financial aid awards will be responsible for the payment of bills if awards are not approved.

3.  Tuition may be remitted for all full-time employees of the University and their spouses and dependent children. Contact the Office of Personnel for details and forms.

4.  Students may make monthly installment payments. The University has formed a partnership with Nelnet Campus Commerce to assist students with financial need. For more information or to enroll in the payment plan please visit or call 800.609.8056.

5.   New students who wish to enroll in the Nelnet Installation Program must enroll at the time of the normal registration period.

a.   Continuing students who wish to enroll in the Nelnet program can enroll at the time of the continuing student registration period.

b.   Accounts not paid by end of term, will be sent to a Collection Agency; student is subject to pay collection costs.

Other payment information:

  • Personal checks for payment of prior balances will be accepted. However, there will be
  • Classes will be immediately dropped upon notification from the bank of all stopped check payments and closed accounts. The University will not notify you.
  • Late Registration requires a $150.00 late fee.
  • Retain all receipts as confirmation of payments.
  • The first payment for the Nelnet Installment Plan is 1/3  of tuition, plus all mandatory student fees and a $35.00 enrollment fee. The Nelnet Installment Plan is not available for the Summer Session. For more information or to enroll in the payment plan please visit or call 800.609.8056.

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