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Dear Students:

One of the best ways to gain experience and make connections with potential  employers is through  internships and fellowships. UDC now posts opportunities that could possibly match your interest s, experience and skills at two locations  .  Go to the UDC Facebook or to Internships. These sites provide information on many fellowships and or  internships available during the school year and in the summer.

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JoVita Wells, Office of Sponsored Programs

National Institute of Food and Agriculture – To learn more about NIFA’s work at or on Twitter: @usda_nifa. For more information or to obtain an application packet contact: Dwane Jones @ or 202.274.7192. Please look at the links below for different opportunities with NIFA.

Main Info | Opportunity 1 | Opportunity 2 | Opportunity 3 | Opportunity 4 | Opportunity 5 |Opportunity 6 | Announcement

2015 DHS HS-Stem Summer Internship Program

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This notice informs District government employees of their protections and obligations under the District law covering whistleblowing (DC Official Code § 1-615.51 et seq.) (2001 Ed.; 2006 Repl.). The provisions in this law apply to employees of all District government agencies, including but not limited to employees of subordinate agencies, independent agencies, and the DC Public Schools, Board of Trustees of the University of the District of Columbia and District of Columbia Housing Authority.

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