Self-Study Process Timeline

Self-Study Process Timeline

Fall 2022

  • Accreditation presentation during Faculty Professional Development Day (Aug) by a peer institutional representative who recently completed the reaffirmation process (Dr. Michael Bowden, Coppin State)
  • Initial members of the Steering Committee and Tri-Chairs identified from UDC’s Accreditation Task Force
  • Self-Study Institute October-November (attended by ten members of the Steering Committee)
  • Initial Working Group membership identified from the University Assessment Committee
  • Began drafting Self-StudyDesign
  • Drafted priorities to be addressed and (additional) outcomes of the Self-Study
  • November 15: Self-Study update presentation to the Board of Trustees
  • December 13: Tri-Chairs virtual meeting with VP Liaison; date of Self-Study Preparation Visit confirmed

Spring 2023

  • January 3: Faculty Professional Development Day presentation on the Self-Study process to date
  • Jan/Feb: Qualtrics Surveys seeking Working Group volunteers and input on priorities and outcomes
  • Provisional Working Group members identified from survey input
  • January 17: Self-Study update presentation to Admin Council, Board Members, and other staff/administrators (President watches recording)
  • March 15: Provisional Self-Study Design submitted to MSCHE VP Liaison
  • March 17: Formal kickoff of Self-Study (during Administrative Council meeting)
  • March 22: Self-Study Preparation Visit by VP Liaison Dr. Robert Bonfiglio
  • April 21: Revised Self-Study Design submitted to MSCHE VP Liaison
  • April 30: Self-Study Design formally approved and accepted by MSCHE (letter from VP Liaison)
  • March 21: Accreditation 101 video was developed, click here
  • Self-Study webpage drafted within UDC website

Summer 2023

  • Steering Committee Leaders continue regular meetings with Working Group co-chairs
  • Seven faculty members from Working Groups receive contracts/stipends to work on Self-Study
  • Tri-Chairs met with and updated President Edington within 30 days of appointment (Aug 8)
  • Aug 16: Self-Study presentation to faculty during Faculty Professional Development Days, which included presentations from two faculty members of the Steering Committee: Dr. Christopher Anglim and Dr. Arlene King-Berry
  • Aug 22: Tri-Chairs provide an update on Self-Study to Dr. McMurray
  • Finalized internal evidence repository (SharePoint site)

Fall 2023 

  • Working Groups continue to research in support of Standards, Requirements of Affiliation, and compliance with federal/local laws and regulations
  • Working Groups draft outlines of each chapter and provide a list of evidence (NLT 8 Dec)
  • The Steering Committee provides initial feedback to the draft outlines and list of evidence from the Working Groups (NLT 15 Dec)
  • Uploading of documents in the evidence repository (internal)
  • Tri-Chairs provide progress updates to the President, CAO, BOT, senior leaders, campus community
  • Updates posted regularly to the Self-Study website (and other outlets)

Spring 2024

  • Jan 3: Update presentation on Self-Study by Tri-Chairs and the Co-Chairs of each Standard/Requirements of Affiliation during Faculty Professional Development
  • Working Groups produce the initial full draft of chapters, including a list of accomplishments and opportunities for improvement/innovation (NLT end of Spring Term)
  • Tri-Chairs and other designated team members review/edit chapters and circulate for feedback
  • Tri-Chairs and Steering Committee Co-Chairs edit the list of accomplishments and opportunities for improvement/innovation and align with strategic priorities and additional outcomes of Self-Study
  • Tri-Chairs meet with the President and CAO to review drafts and receive feedback
  • Updates posted regularly to the Self-Study website (and other outlets)

Summer 2024

  • Feedback from senior leaders incorporated into draft to be shared in a presentation to the BOT
  • Tri-Chairs give presentations and draft Self-Study to full BOT for feedback
  • Working Groups incorporate feedback and edits from the Steering Committee and other stakeholders (President, CAO, BOT, Cabinet)
  • Tri-Chairs, in consultation with the CAO, prioritize opportunities for improvement and/or innovation, align them with strategic priorities, and determine a list of options to be included in a full report
  • Tri-Chairs and the editorial team continue editing and merging the full Self-Study document
  • Updates posted regularly to the Self-Study website (and other outlets)

Fall 2024

  • Aug 16 & 19: Working Groups present findings during Faculty Professional Development Days
  • Town Hall update to the full campus community
  • Working Groups/Steering Committee incorporate any appropriate final revisions based on community feedback
  • December: Host Visiting Team Chair for an on-campus visit (dry run of all logistical and administrative dimensions of onsite spring visit)

Spring 2025

  • Jan (1st week): During Faculty Professional Development Day, Tri-Chairs present the Visiting Team Chair’s feedback and share relevant changes/edits to Self-Study based on that. Provide an overview of what to expect during the Peer Evaluation Team Visit (with a draft schedule, if possible).
  • Incorporate feedback from the Visiting Team Chair, as appropriate, and finalize the Self-Study
  • Post Self-Study on website
  • Host Peer Evaluation Team Site Visit (end of March)

The University of the District of Columbia is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 1007 North Orange Street, 4th Floor, MB #166, Wilmington, DE 19801 (267.284.5011). The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

MSCHE Statement of Accreditation Status (PDF)

Middle States Accreditation Visit

Community Webinars

A series of webinars updating the community on the Self-Study process.

Webinar #1, March 27, 2024