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Welcome to the Office of Information Technology. As the university’s central hub for IT resources, the Office of Information Technology strives to provide students, faculty, and staff with the highest quality of IT infrastructure and support possible.

The office is charged with coordinating and supporting the university’s IT infrastructure in accordance with defined policies and guidelines. This includes providing academic, research, and administrative staff with desktop support, and maintaining computer laboratories and network access for students.

Important notice about Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Enhancement and Enablement

The University of the District of Columbia (UDC)’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) is continuing to ensure we provide a secure technology environment for our end users. As a part of this effort, we will be implementing upgrades to our Single Sign On (SSO) and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) systems.

Beginning on 10/31 at 2 a.m., the new SSO and MFA will be in place, and all users will be asked to use their UDC email address as their login name. Due to the high risk of security exposure, it is imperative we act swiftly on this matter.

Additional changes, user experience highlights, and tutorial links are referenced below.

Single Sign On (SSO):

SSO is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA):

MFA adds a layer of protection to the sign-in process. When accessing your accounts or applications, you must provide additional identity verification, such as a one-time code received from your mobile device.

When Will This Change Take Effect?

  • UDC will be implementing this new sign-on process during a maintenance window on October 30, 2023, from 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. EST.
  • All users logging in after 2 a.m. will need to follow the process outlined in the MFA User Guide.

What is Changing?

  • **SSO Platform**
    • OIT is transitioning from QuickLaunch to Microsoft Azure for our Single Sign On (SSO) platform. This change will have a direct impact on how you access various applications and services within our environment.
  • **MFA Platform**
    • We are migrating to a Microsoft Multifactor Authentication (MFA) platform to strengthen the security of your accounts.

User Experience Changes

  • **Bookmark Updates**
    • Any bookmarked UDC login pages will need to be updated.
  • **MFA Enrollment Process**
    • All users will experience a new enrollment process for MFA and will have a choice of two options which have been highlighted below. Please reference the attached PDF for additional guidance in setup.
      • Option 1 – Microsoft Authenticator Application. A user can select to download this free application that will reside on their cell phone. This application will be universal for IOS and Android.
      • Option 2 – SMS Text Message. A user can select to have a text message push notification sent to your cell phone.

What is Not Changing?

  • Your UDC password is not changing. Please continue to use your current UDC password.

How Can I Get Help?

Tutorial Links

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work to enhance the security of our technology environment. These changes are essential for protecting your data and ensuring the integrity of our systems. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Building 71, Suite 6300 (6 East)
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Help Desk:

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