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INOVAA nationally-recognized company, Inova Employee Assistance has been in the business of helping employees manage workplace and family issues for more than 26 years.

Personal and family problems can make life very difficult, and sometimes affect your ability to concentrate on the job.  At such times, having someone who listens and is objective and concerned may be just the help you need to avoid a crisis.  Inova Employee Assistance provides that support.  Inova Employee Assistance counselors are trained, licensed professionals who can advise you on a wide range of problems — emotional illness, work life issues, relationship or family difficulties, alcohol or other drug abuse, legal or financial difficulties, major life or health changes.  Inova Employee Assistance’s services are private and confidential.  So, when you talk to an Inova Employee Assistance counselor, you have security in knowing that information shared will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Employees should log onto the Inova Employee Assistance member site: www.inova.org/eap.

User Name: udc
Password:  udc

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