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Mohamad Sepehri
Dean, School of Business and Public Administration
Ph.D., Indiana University; M.B.A., Indiana University; B.A., College of Mass CommunicationsI am delighted to announce that the School of Business and Public Administration (SBPA), at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) has earned the coveted AACSB International accreditation.  This is a marquee accreditation and a tribute to and acknowledgment of the quality of our program.  The SBPA is now among the elite business schools in the world. Less than 6% of all business schools in the world have AACSB accreditation. All of us, the faculty, staff, alumni, students, colleagues and stakeholders will treasure and cherish this remarkable achievement forever.

The AACSB accreditation confirms our commitment to SBPA’s Core Mission Values of Leadership Skills, Professionalism, Business Expertise, and Strategic Mindset.  It verifies that our students are indeed receiving a high-quality business education that is market relevant.  The AACSB accreditation would also help to raise the profile and the status of the university as well.  Not only would the SBPA benefit from being AACSB accredited, but the whole UDC reputation as a whole would be elevated.  “A rising tide floats all boats.”

“It has been a constructive journey and an amazing experience for the School to navigate the AACSB accreditation passage and to fulfill and meet or exceed all the required standards and expected criteria”,

Dean Mo Sepehri

SBPA’s day is on Thursday, March 23.

UDC’s School of Business and Public Administration is a product of the history of the University.  In 1968, the newly established Federal City College created a Division of Business to offer comprehensive programs leading to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  The Division was structured to house six departments, with as many majors: accounting, business economics and finance, business education, computer science, management, and marketing.   

Due to the popularity of the business programs, the Division of Business was changed in 1971 to become the College of Business and Public Management, with the mission to offer undergraduate and graduate programs in business and public administration.  Dr. William Crump was appointed by the Board of Trustees as its founding dean.

The School of Business and Public Administration, as it is known today, resulted from the consolidation of DC Teachers’ College, the Washington Technical Institute, and Federal City College in 1977 into the single, comprehensive land-grant university that is now the University of the District of Columbia (UDC).  Since its founding, UDC’s School of Business and Public Administration has engaged in continuous improvement by revamping and strengthening its programs and processes and introducing new courses in leadership, business ethics, entrepreneurship, nonprofit organizational management, and other relevant subjects. We are making strides in the classroom, in research, and in community-based learning.


Your contribution helps SBPA arm its students with skills and knowledge needed to face global challenges, find solutions to community problems, and meet the talent demands of industry.  More than ever, we need your support to advance faculty research and retain academic excellence our professors provide. 

Please help SBPA empower students to follow their dreams and achieve their highest levels of human potential.  Please help our faculty continue innovative research.

Feel free to send a check or money order to UDC Foundation, 4200 Connecticut Avenue NW, Bldg. 39-3rd FL, Wash DC 20008.  Please enter “SBPA” in the check memo section.