Capital Builders Program: Ajani Young

Alumni Ajani Young

Ajani Young 

“It’s okay to make money while saving the world”

Business Idea: Financial Education and Resource Company

High School: Bishop McNamara High School

Ward: 7

Major: Early Childhood Education

GPA: 4.0

My name is Ajani Young, and I attended the Bishop McNamara High School in Prince Georges County, Maryland. For a great part of my life I grew up in Ward 7.  I am member of the Inaugural Capital Builders Center Class of 2018/2019. I am building a socially-aware financial development company. My company develops products and services that will affect multiple aspect of one’s financial life. 

The Capital Builder Center is an innovative and life changing program that bridges the aps of talent, scholarship and business unlike any other program design in the nation. At a high-level student are given the space and resources to explore both higher education and entrepreneurial worlds. The program brings a host of world class professors accompanied by experiential learning opportunities for us to develop ideas into community building and world changing companies.

Personally, the Capital Builders Program has allowed me to have the space and guidance from teachers who are not only academic scholars but have valuable industry experience in their respective fields of business from finite to start-ups to even rising large amounts of capital. This unique mixture of personal incubation and structure with space to process and learn the fundamentals has stretched my ideas beyond what I could have done on my own in the same time.

As a result of how deliberate each course has been structure, the program design has helped to foster my personal growth as a leader and future CEO. Additionally, I’ve learned how to structure my business as it grows. Over the course of the first semester I’ve been able to take each lesson and directly apply the knowledge to the process of building out my company. 

The greatest experience I’ve had has been the formation of my advisory board. The board serves as a group of entrepreneurial experts that guide and shape my business development journey as well as stretch my personal talents. 

 Putting into words of how special the Capital Builders Program is and has been is truly hard to do. From receiving the scholarship to admittance into the University of the District of Columbia, the networking experiences and even the bonds I have formed with fellow Builders and classmates, The Capital Builder Program is truly amazing!