College of Arts and Sciences

Investment Highlights in CAS

The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to offer high-quality, affordable education that prepares graduates for immediate entry into the workforce, the next level of education, specific professional roles, and living and lifelong learning in a complex, global environment. College faculty and staff work to produce well educated, autonomous, competent, and resourceful graduates who are well prepared to live and work in the multiethnic, global, and technological society of the 21st century. The College is committed to:

1. offering a variety of programs in a cultural and academic environment in which students and faculty may thrive as scholars, teachers, leaders, and activists;

2. creating and maintaining welcoming and stimulating academic and social environments that foster curiosity, creativity, and adaptability in the diverse population it serves;

3. promoting an environment characterized by cooperation and communication among all constituencies in order to enhance instructional quality and learning outcomes for students; and

4. connecting its offerings, outcomes, and services to the needs of the residents of the region.


Your contribution helps CAS arm its students with skills and knowledge needed to face global challenges, find solutions to community problems, and meet the talent demands of industry.  More than ever, we need your support to advance faculty research and retain academic excellence our professors provide. 

Please help CAS empower students to follow their dreams and achieve their highest levels of human potential.  Please help our faculty continue innovative research.


Feel free to send a check or money order to UDC Foundation, 4200 Connecticut Avenue NW, Bldg. 39-3rd FL, Wash DC 20008.  Please enter “CAS” in the check memo section


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