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Investment Highlights in CAS

The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to offer high-quality, affordable education that prepares graduates for immediate entry into the workforce, the next level of education, specific professional roles, and living and lifelong learning in a complex, global environment. College faculty and staff work to produce well educated, autonomous, competent, and resourceful graduates who are well prepared to live and work in the multiethnic, global, and technological society of the 21st century. The College is committed to:

1. offering a variety of programs in a cultural and academic environment in which students and faculty may thrive as scholars, teachers, leaders, and activists;

2. creating and maintaining welcoming and stimulating academic and social environments that foster curiosity, creativity, and adaptability in the diverse population it serves;

3. promoting an environment characterized by cooperation and communication among all constituencies in order to enhance instructional quality and learning outcomes for students; and

4. connecting its offerings, outcomes, and services to the needs of the residents of the region.

hearmelead: The Women’s Leadership Project at the University of the District of Columbia 

Hear Me Lead participants performing

Since 2017, this leadership development project has supported the interests and talents of women whio are students at the University of the District of Columbia. This project is designed to nurture student voices of advocacy and leadership, help them tie their “leader” voices to their passions, and provide platforms that allow them to share their evolving skill sets, and be celebrated and affirmed by their communities. This leadership project has evolved into a 16-week credit-bearing course that embeds academic and non-academic learning outcomes. This year’s culminating performance is scheduled for April 26, 2019, at 14th and V Streets NW. 

CAS Theater Initiative

UDC Theatre Students

CAS launched a new cocurricular initiative that uses the resources of area theaters and theater performances to allow students glimpses of the global world and contexts for exploring diversity themes, and considering inclusion and access across a variety of experiences and perspectives. The CAS Theater Initiative offers a Lyceum component of sorts that extends the exposures of the University’s General Education curriculum and major programs. Students, faculty, and staff members experience theater pieces together in small groups, and consider what they may or may not represent to different audiences. Post-show discussions and impromptu photo opportunities and meetings with cast members lend further support to the initiative’s goals, which include: 

  1. Identify local humanities sources and opportunities, specifically theater, that will contribute to students’ development of global, diversity, and civic competence. 
  2. Align the humanities sources/resources/opportunities with student learning objectives at the major and General Education program and University levels. 
  3. Demonstrate the lifelong role of the humanities.
  4. Align planned activities with faculty research interests and active, ongoing research projects. Engage faculty experts to lead activities and demonstrate explicit ties with academic programs. Engage students and faculty groups in post-performance discussion.
  5. Create a mechanism for inviting student and faculty participation. Work to ensure broad representation from across the College and University. 
  6. Build on relationships already established with some area theaters and/or highlight theaters with student rates to reduce costs and build bridges for students’ independent theater participation. 


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