Capital Builders Program: Gouldion Smith

Alumni CB Gouldion Smith

Gouldion Smith

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough”

Business Idea: International Resource Firm

High School: St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School for Girls

Ward: N/A

Major: Business Management

GPA: 3.79

My name is Gouldion Smith, and I am apart of the inaugural class of the Capital Builders Programs 2018/2019. I’m an international student proudly hailing from the quaint and beautiful Island of Jamaica, where I graduated from the St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School for Girls.

My entrepreneurial brainchild is an international education consulting firm that will streamline the application, matriculation and graduation processes for international students.

The Capital Builders Center is an innovative center of change that serves as an intersection of talent, scholarship and opportunity to fuel economic energy through entrepreneurship. The program is designed to identify untapped talent and cultivate students through a rigorous academic curriculum that is rooted in entrepreneurship but develops students in critical academic areas. 

The Capital Builders has provided me financial resources that are usually non-existent for international students and for that I am deeply grateful. Above all the program has given me the opportunity to gain traction and begin building momentum as an entrepreneur through classes, special curated field trips, and internships with Fortune 100 companies.  I have been able to garner inside information into the US business market. I’ve been fortunate to interact directly with Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of GALLUP as well as local and global profitable entrepreneurs that cover the spectrum of the entrepreneurial scale. Additionally, the program has afforded me the chance to play a role in the formulation of a unique curriculum that truly explores the ins and outs of business ideation and development.

The Capital Builders Program has inspired my growth and development by giving me straight forward guidelines and instructions in a structural manner to help me flush out my business ideas with a solid foundation.  I’ve been given many opportunities to move my business forward at every turn because of the Capital Builders Program, which will be ensured that my business will grow from a mere idea into something more tangible and effectual. These opportunities have come in the form of many networking events where I was able to gather information and learn from other people in the industry, something I would struggle to do on my own.

The Capital Builder Program is special because it is more than just a scholarship award, idea incubator, or innovation center for that matter. It has cohesively provided opportunities and support for its awardees by allowing us to both pursue the required education while growing our business ideas to achieve success at the earliest possible stage of our life.