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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rapid growth in technology was already widening the digital divide and making digital redlining more visible. Then, the pandemic exposed this divide and hastened the adoption of technologies to sustain and keep our communities and nation connected. These present realities prompted the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) to be more aggressive in bridging this divide and integrating digital learning literacy into our University ecosystem as a crucial part of our Equity Imperative strategic plan.

The Center for Digital Access & Learning a unit of the Chief Academic Office, serves as evidence of the University’s commitment to providing access and improving digital literacy at UDC, in the District, and beyond. The Center evolved from a location for students to have low-risk access to computers (Learning Pods) during the pandemic. The Center now has expanded to provide additional possibilities for collaborative, immersive and hands-on interaction for all stakeholders, utilizing technology to enable digital access, differentiated instruction and personalized learning. The Center’s objectives are to expand upon and enhance teaching and learning—and offer a possible venue for business-related activities for students, faculty and the UDC community.

UDC Center for Digital Access & Learning Logo Primary

Location: 4250 Connecticut Avenue NW (Building 71), Sixth Floor

For more information, contact:
Fatma Elshobokshy

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