Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Continuing Education (CE)?

Continuing Education is a term that refers to courses and programs for adults of any age who seek to further their education and/or careers through various career-specific and community educational programs.

Continuing Education at UDCCC offers online training programs in high demand career and newly emerging industries. Continuing Education also offers many distance learning options as well as face to face classes. We offer Professional Continuing Education, community programming and corporate training.

  1. How does CE classes differ from credit classes?

Continuing Education classes are non-credit courses that you receive CEU’s and/or certificates (for specific programs) upon successful completion of the course or program.

  1. What is a CEU (Continuing Education Unit)?

A CEU is an acronym for Continuing Education Unit. CEU’s are earned through participation in Continuing Education experiences.

  1. How do CEU’s equate to contact hours?

­One CEU equals ten (10) contact hours.

  1. Should I enroll in a degree or certificate program to take CE classes?

Enrollment in a degree or certificate program is not required to take a Continuing Education class.

  1. When and how do I register for a continuing education classes?

To register for a Continuing Education, class you can go online to complete the registration process specific to the type of class you want to take.

  1. Who do I contact if I have an idea about a CE class?

Any ideas for CE classes can be shared via email.  Please send your ideas to

  1. Where are most CE classes held?

Currently, CE classes are online or at 801 North Capital Street, NE Washington DC 20002.