Welcome to the Office of Finance

The Office of Finance, under the leadership of the Chief Financial Officer, is an independent finance unit that reports to the Government of the District of Columbia. This office is responsible for direct oversight and supervision of the financial and budgetary operations of each component of the university. The Office of Finance is entrusted with supporting the mission of the university through meticulous stewardship of the university’s resources.  The Office of Finance manage all financial operations, including the maintenance and security of a university-wide ERP system that is utilized to budget, spend, collect, control, and properly account for more than $173 million in annual operating and $49 million in capital funds. Among these duties, the Chief Financial Officer is responsible for fulfilling all compliance and fiduciary requirements such as accounting and reporting; cash and debt management; payroll; and purchasing.


Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Office of Finance
Building 39, Suite 200
phone 202.274.5488
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phone finance@udc.edu
Office Hours:  M-F, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm