Respiratory Therapy – AAS

The Respiratory Therapy program (200061) awards Associates in Applies Science degrees from the University of the District of Columbia Community College and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care.

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Program Details


Program Director

Lori Taylor, Ph.D., RRT
Program Director

Office location: 801 North Capitol Street NW Washington, DC


Mission Statement

The Respiratory Therapy program strives to develop outstanding respiratory therapy practitioners by providing exemplary educational experiences with a particular emphasis on healthcare needs within the District of Columbia. The program provides an intellectually challenging and nurturing environment that fosters the development of competent and compassionate practitioners who will assist individuals on the continuum from wellness/illness, dying, death, and care of human remains. The curriculum focuses of the development of critical thinking skills, problem solving, technical skills, and social skills through active participation in classroom, laboratory, and practicum experiences. The program’s mission is to  who will meet the healthcare needs of the citizens of the District of Columbia and the society at large.


Program Goals

On completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Effectively communicate with other health care team member regarding patient’s pulmonary status;
  • Perform bedside patient assessment;
  • Apply and manage oxygen therapy;
  • Identify lung and breathing disorders and recommend treatment methods;
  • Apply pharmacological aerosol therapy and humidification therapy to patients with lung disorders;
  • Administer therapeutic modalities that aid in lung expansion and bronchopulmonary hygiene therapy;
  • Insert, monitor, and remove artificial airways;
  • Manage mechanical ventilators and non-invasive mechanical ventilators for critically ill patients;
  • Assist in pulmonary rehabilitation and education for patients and family members;
  • Perform pulmonary functioning tests and assist in other diagnostic modalities; and,
  • Provide respiratory care procedures unique to the neonatal and pediatric population in intensive care units.


Accreditation & Credentialing

The Respiratory Therapy program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) (view CoARC Programmatic Outcomes).  Graduates are eligible for both the entry-level licensure/ CRT examination (required by the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) and the advanced practice RRT examinations, both offered by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC). The program is also affiliated with the National Board for Respiratory Care and the American Association for Respiratory Care.


Academic Information

Admission Policy

The Office of Admissions processes applications to the university; upon admission, students identifying Respiratory Therapy  as their program of study must complete all prerequisite courses. A separate application is required to enroll in the Professional/Clinical Division (P/CD) of the program. Admission to the P/CD is competitive.

To be considered for admission to the P/CD, eligible students must first be enrolled at the university and complete 17 prerequisite hours, earning a minimum grade of ‘C’ in each identified course. Students must also have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher. Transfer students must also demonstrate a 2.5 GPA, and have their official transcript(s) evaluated by the university prior to their application to the P/CD. The prerequisite courses are: College Math I (3 credits), English Composition I (3 credits), Anatomy and Physiology I Lecture and Lab (4 credits), Anatomy and Physiology II Lecture and Lab (4 credits). Introduction to Health Science (2), First year Seminar (1).

The application for admission to the P/CD may be picked up in December of each year and must be returned by the first  Friday on March to room 904 at the North Capitol Street location. Application submission does not guarantee admission to the P/CD. The Respiratory Therapy Admissions and Progression Committee review all applications and recommend students for admission. All applicants to the Respiratory Therapy program are required to take an admissions exam, be interviewed by the faculty, and provide a writing sample.

Program of Study

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Disability Statement

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) the Respiratory Therapy Program at the University of the District of Columbia makes every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for all individuals with a disability. The program does not discriminate against applicants because of gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnic background, political affiliation, or disability. The University of the District of Columbia Compliance policies are located on page ii and iii of the University 2008-2011 catalog.


Advising and Registration

New students (Freshman Level or Transfer) admitted to the university who indicate an interest in Respiratory Therapy should report to the Respiratory Therapy Program for advising.

Continuing students who are Respiratory Therapy majors are to see their advisors prior to the early registration period each semester for academic counseling. Students should make appointments with their faculty advisor for academic counseling at least once per semester to facilitate optimal progression through the program. This counseling should be completed prior to the regular registration periods.

UDC Students planning to change their majors to Respiratory Therapy will adhere to the following procedure:

  1. 1. Receive academic counseling from a Respiratory Faculty, room 904 and 905
  2. Be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 prior to the change
  3. Complete the change of major form
  4. Submit an application for admission to the Respiratory Therapy program according to the above procedures
  5. Take an admission exam, provide a writing sample, and be interviewed by the faculty.


Student Handbook

Respiratory Therapy Program student handbook are policy & procedure manuals reviewed annually and issued to new Respiratory therapy students at the beginning of each academic year.


Faculty and Staff of Department of Nursing and Allied Health

Lori Taylor
Program Director
202.274.5864 801 N. Capital NE Room 905
LaVerne Gooding-Jones
202.274.6167 801 N. Capital NE Room 811

Respiratory Therapy Programs Full-time Faculty

Michael Olaniyi
Chair of APG
202.274.5922 801 N. Capital NE Room904
TBA 202.274.5864 801 N. Capital NE Room 904 TBA

Clinical Adjunct Faculty

Tanya Claggett Providence
Solomon Johnson Suburban Hospital
Julius Mabey Providence
Bernadette Campbell Washington Hospital Center
Primati Moore Howard University Hospital
Otis Williams Washington Hospital Center
Jay Fuller Washington Adventist Hospital
Shuron Abdullah Holy Cross Hospital
Khadija Beouhani Inova Fairfax Hospital