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Nursing Assistant Program – Certificate


The Mission of the Nursing program is to prepare competent practitioners to meet the health-related needs of the diverse citizenry. Graduates are able to practice in a variety of settings and attend to the health needs of all age groups. The mission is to promote nursing as a life-long learning process requiring critical thinking, skill mastery, and continuing education. Upward mobility is inherent in the process of encouraging certificate program graduates to enroll in the practical nursing program and practical nursing graduates to enroll in undergraduate and ultimately graduate degree nursing programs. These program offerings enable graduates to expand their practice of nursing and their sphere of nursing influence.

Nursing Assistant Program

The Nursing Assistant (NA) Program was established in 1989 under the directorship of Ms. Carrol E. Daniels, M.Ed. The program was designed because the Long Term Care Management Administration selected the University of the District of Columbia to administer the program based on the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989 which established certain requirements that persons working in a nursing facility be credentialed solely on the successful completion of the University’s approved competency evaluation. For individuals hired on or after October 1990, a nurse aide would have to complete an approved nurse aide training program at the University and successfully complete the competency evaluation program.

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