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Computer Science – AS


The primary goal of the Associate of Science in the Computer Science program is to prepare students to use core elements of technology to create projects that effectively communicates applications in the field of computer science. This includes students develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills and can use these skills to solve business related problems. Students will be able to apply logical skills and mathematical knowledge to analyze the problem, develop, and implement the general solution to the problems in computer science discipline. It also aims to ensure that DC residents obtain higher portions of technology jobs and provide stable paths for persons not currently positioned to pursue bachelor’s degree programs and build the pathway towards becoming professionals in Computer Technology.


UDC recognizes the important connection between student success and academic preparedness. Depending on placement test scores and/or equivalent college course work, students may be required to complete co-requisite courses in English.  Only credits earned for the college-level portion of the co-requisite course pairing count towards degree completion requirements.

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