Meet the UDC SNAP-Ed Team 

Lillie Monroe-Lord, Ph.D., RD, LD: Director of the Center for Nutrition, Diet and Health

Dr. Monroe-Lord has over 20 years of outstanding leadership, applied research, and teaching experience at several universities and the private sector. She served as Acting Dean, Assistant Dean, and Director of Cooperative Extension Service in the former Community Outreach and Extension Service, now CAUSES. She has extensive experience as a Principal Investigator for many research and extension projects and is currently the PI for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) and Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). Her research interests include Inner City Childhood Obesity Prevention, Food Security, Health Literacy, and Geriatrics. Dr. Monroe-Lord received her Ph.D. in Community Nutrition from Howard University. She is a registered dietitian and licensed in the District of Columbia. She has numerous certifications, including Professional Food Manager, Cultural Foods, Adult Obesity and Weight Management, and Childhood and Adolescent Obesity. 

Miranda Desmarais: Acting Senior Program Coordinator

Miranda has been working with UDC SNAP-Ed since March of 2018. Miranda conducts nutrition education, physical activity education, and food safety education to youth, adult, and older adult residents of the District of Columbia. Miranda loves working with food and teaching others how to make healthy meals tasty and convenient. Prior to her work at UDC, Miranda was a SNAP-Ed Program Assistant for California SNAP-Ed from 2017-2018 and a Greater New Orleans Teach For America Corps member from 2014-2016. Miranda is a Certified Professional Food Safety Manager, and a Certified Produce Safety Alliance Grower. Miranda holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Ohio University. She is currently working toward a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of the District of Columbia.  span>

Herbert Holden: Program Coordinator

Herbert, better known as “Chef Herb,” is an Extension Agent in the Center for Nutrition, Diet, and Health. While working as a Head Start chef for three-to-five-year-olds, he realized there was a significant need for nutrition education in the community, particularly for young children. As a CNDH nutrition educator, he works in the DC public schools, child development centers, and faith-based organizations, introducing two to five-year-olds to healthy eating, the U.S. dietary guidelines, and proper sanitation techniques. Chef Herb also works with parents of young children so they understand the importance of healthy eating for themselves and their children. He does outreach at local farmers’ markets, health fairs, and other community locations, where he conducts fresh food demonstrations and fruit and vegetable carvings to get children interested in eating healthier foods. He is a professionally trained chef. 

Paul Brown: Project Coordinator

Paul is a Project Coordinator for Food Safety in the Center for Nutrition Diet and Health. He teaches the Certified Professional Food Manager course which certifies participants to become Professional Food Managers. He is also a nutrition educator who works in DC public schools, faith-based organizations, and child development centers educating children ages two to five, on how to eat healthily, how to stay active, and how to practice food safety. Paul also works with parents, educating them on how to keep their families healthy and how to use safe practices in the kitchen. During the summer months, Paul works at several farmers’ markets, health fairs, and community events throughout the city. His passion for food safety and a healthy lifestyle is evident and a major reason he loves his job. 

Cassidy Weitman: Program Coordinator

Cassidy joined UDC SNAP-Ed as a Program Coordinator with the Center for Nutrition, Diet, and Health in January of 2020. Cassidy teaches youth, adult, and senior residents in DC nutrition education, physical activity, and food safety. Growing up in a family of educators, she has always had a passion for education and has seen the positive impact good teachers and programs can have on students. Her nutrition journey really began when she became a mother. With three daughters under 5 years old, she has a passion for teaching healthy eating beginning at an early age. Cassidy is a Certified Professional Food Safety Manager and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Virginia Tech.