Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Preparing Scholars for Service in Local & Global Communities

Dr. Guy ShroyerWelcome to the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences (DSBS).  Our students learn how to discover and understand the sources of individual and social behavior in order to begin fulfilling careers that serve both our local and global communities. Our programs in Administration of Justice, Human Development, Political Science, Psychology, and Homeland Security offer tools and experience that empower our students to understand how and why individuals and groups grow, develop, and change.  The Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences explores the human condition from many perspectives:  our thoughts and emotions, our process of human development, our cultural practices and world views, and our experience of power through government and other institutions. Consistent with the UDC mission, we support students to become civically engaged critical thinkers, problem solvers, and seekers and producers of knowledge.

Our Division undergraduate programs, Administration of Justice, Human Development, Political Science, and Psychology, are gateways to careers in education, government service, public policy, law, mental health, public affairs, international relations, criminal justice, and applied research. Our graduate program in Homeland Security offers a Master of Science degree.  Its focus on emergency management of natural, manmade, or terrorist disasters prepares students for a range of opportunities in one of the fastest growing career fields.

Washington DC is a vibrant center of national and local government, as well as home to international embassies and cultural centers, international organizations, global civil society organizations and national trade associations. This social and political environment serves as a laboratory for educational experiences that focus on teaching, learning, and research. Our dedicated faculty members are recognized scholars in their fields, and work closely with students in the classroom, joint research, professional conferences, and national and international simulations. Through experiential opportunities such as internships, agency-based placements, field practicum, and study abroad, students model future professional and career roles that prepare them for emerging job market demands of the 21st century.

Dr. Guy F. Shroyer
Chair, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Crime, Justice & Security Studies: Administration of Justice
Human Development
MS Homeland Security
Political Science

Sociology – (Program Terminated and in Teach Out) – This program is not accepting new applications. The program was discontinued, effective March 27, 2014, as a result of a resolution of the UDC Board of Trustees. Students currently matriculating as majors will be able to complete their degree program provided they remain continuously enrolled throughout the teach-out period. A teach-out program for this discontinued major is available for currently enrolled students.