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STEM Summer Bridges Program

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The SSBP is planned for high school students who will be attending the University of the District of Columbia. The SSBP is a five-week program that begins in June of each year and includes the following activities:

  • Enhancement material for three college-wide non-credit courses, English, mathematics and science.
  • A one-credit freshman orientation course
  • A series of workshops designed to develop academic skills in note-taking, preparing for examinations, writing essays, and employing other skills that enhance the students’ academic performance and adjustment to college-life.
  • Enrichment activities including one out of town trip.
  • The Myer Briggs Type Indicator to provide a measure of the valuable differences in people.
  • And the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) that is used to measure the students’ use of learning and study strategies.