Division of Science & Mathematics

Xueqing Song - ProfessorWelcome to the Division of Sciences and Mathematics (DSAM) in the College of Arts and Sciences! Our Division believes that an understanding of mathematics and the sciences is an indispensable part of a sound education. Coursework in the Division provides students with instruction that addresses fundamental issues in the broad range of scientific inquiry. The Division aims to lead students to acquire not only the concepts basic to the structure of the science and mathematics courses but also an effective reverence for truth, a wholesome spirit of inquiry, a degree of scientific literacy, and a sense of responsibility for the wise and intelligent use of world resources.

The Division consists of academic programs in three major disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics, and the STEM Center for Research and Development. The Division offers the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (with American Chemical Society Certified option), Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, and Master of Science in Biology with concentrations in Cancer Prevention through collaboration with Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center, infectious diseases, and general Biology.  Across all of our offerings, our faculty members provide superior education combined with innovative research to allow our students to have unique opportunities to experience science through hands on learning. All of our students work closely with the faculty in the classroom and laboratory, and receive an unmatched level of personal attention that is one of our trademarks and main points of pride. DSAM graduates have a high success rate in graduate and professional school admissions, as well as in securing employment within their areas of study.

We invite you to explore our offerings.   We will not only help you succeed academically but make every effort to provide you with additional training and research experiences. We look forward to meeting you!

Division of Sciences and Mathematics

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MS Cancer Biology


Xueqing Song, Ph.D., Division Chair