The CAS Mission and Vision

Mission, Vision, Goals & Objectives for Student Learning

Our Mission

Offer high quality, affordable education that prepares graduates for the workforce, next level of education, specific professional roles, and living and learning in a global environment.

Our Motto

Your dream, our guidance

Our Goal

Deliver accessible, comprehensive, and flexible educational offerings that grow our students liberal arts and discipline expertise and position them to be adaptable 21st century experts.

Objectives for Student Learning

Guided by the overarching goal of producing adaptable experts: >> read more

The CAS Experience is…

1. Driven by mission

Offer varied programming of immediate value to the region in a stimulating cultural and academic environment that:

  1. Supports learning, teaching, leading, and activism;
  2. Champions experience as the ultimate shaper of knowledge, skill, behavior, and habits of mind;
  3. Encourages and incubates curiosity, creativity, adaptability, and tolerance; and
  4. Requires cooperation and communication.

2. Guided by vision

Create programs that inspire lifelong learning, ignite civic engagement, and develop adaptable experts.

3. Informed by our commitment to quality

Plant a foundation that supports:

  1. Moving CAS offerings from good to great;
  2. Solidifying a CAS community recognized for its humanity, scholarship, and service; and
  3. Creating an atmosphere for study and work within the College that is satisfying for students, faculty, and staff.

Our complete mission, vision, and goal statements, objectives for student learning, and metrics for assessment are attached here.