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Dr. Xueqing Song

 Associate Professor РDSAM Chair |


Dr. Xueqing Song received his PhD in organic/organometallic chemistry from Nankai University in China. He has a strong background in synthetic organic chemistry and bio-inorganic chemistry. More than 200 organic and inorganic compounds have been prepared, purified, and tested for various bio-medical applications in his research group. He has more than 40 papers published in peer-reviewed journals, in which half of the papers have undergraduate students as the coauthors. His research at UDC has been financially supported by internal and external grants, including a $300,000 award (PI) from NSF/MRI to purchase a 400 MHz NMR spectrometer for undergraduate research and teaching at UDC. Dr. Song is also very experienced in getting undergraduates involved in his research projects. Undergraduate students in his research group have won presentation awards in many local and national academic conferences. Additionally, many of those students have gained entry to graduate and professional schools on the strength of their research experience.

Xueqing Song, Ph.D.