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Dr. Alexandra Taraboletti

 Assistant Professor |


Dr. Alexandra Taraboletti is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry in the Division of Sciences and Mathematics in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of the District of Columbia. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship in the Tumor Biology program at the Georgetown University Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and received her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Akron. Dr. Taraboletti uses mass spectrometry-based metabolomics to investigate models of human disease, including neurodegeneration and radiation injury. She has worked on new technology using metabolomic-based biodosimetry, and explores protection methods to counter the negative impact of radiation in the brain. She uses cell culture models of the myelin-producing oligodendrocyte cells to model in vitro damage to white matter in the brain. Dr. Taraboletti also has a passion for visual science communication where she applies her skills as a graphical editor and illustrator. She is an avid artist, always looking to grow the bourgeoning field of #sciart. Check out her website!

Recent Publications

2021 Monessha Jayabalan, Madeline E. Caballero, Alyssa D. Cordero, Brandyn M. White, Kathryn C. Asalone, Madison M. Moore, Esohe G. Irabor, Shari E. Watkins, Kathryn B. Walters-Conte, Alexandra Taraboletti, Matthew R. Hartings, Brenda Y. Chow, Bushra A. Saeed, Kathryn A. Bracht, John R. Bracht, Unrealized potential from smaller institutions: Four strategies for advancing STEM diversity, Cell, Volume 184, Issue 24, 2021, Pages 5845-5850,
2021 Bilinovich, S.M.; Morris, D.L.; Prokop, J.W.; Caporoso, J.A.; Taraboletti, A.; Duangjumpa, N.; Panzner, M.J.; Shriver, L.P.; Leeper, T.C. Silver Binding to Bacterial Glutaredoxins Observed by NMR. Biophysica 2021, 1, 359-376.
2020 Ray, L. A.; Pacheco, G.; Taraboletti, A.; Konopka, M. C.; Shriver, L. P. Imaging Cuprizone-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction; bioRxi; p 2020.12.18.423512.
2019 Taraboletti, A., Goudarzi, M., Kabir, A., Moon, B., Laiakis, EC., Lacombe, J., Ake, P., Shoishiro, S., Brenner, D., Fornace, AJ., Zenhausern, F. Fabric Phase Sorptive Extraction – A metabolomic pre-processing approach for ionizing radiation exposure assessment. Journal of Proteome Research, 18, 8, 3020–3031
2017 Morris, D., Zampino, A., Taraboletti, A., Shriver, L., Leeper, T., Ziegler, C. Lysozyme- Catalyzed Formation of Conjugated Polyacetylene. Polymer Chemistry, 8, 6344-6348.
2017 Taraboletti, A., Walker, T., Avila, R., Huang, H., Caporoso, J., Manandhar, E., Leeper, T.C., Modarelli, D., Medicetty, S., Shriver, L. Cuprizone intoxication induces cell intrinsic alterations in oligodendrocyte metabolism independent of copper chelation. ACS Biochemistry, 56(10), 1518-1528.
2016 McDonald, L., Liu, B., Taraboletti, A., Whiddon, K., Shriver, L., Konopka, M., & Pang, Y. Fluorescent Flavonoids for Endoplasmic Reticulum Cell Imaging. Journal of Materials. Chemistry B, 4(0), 7902-7908.
2016 Shelton, K. L., DeBord, M. A., Wagers, P. O., Southerland, M. R., Taraboletti, A., Robishaw, N. K., … Youngs, W. J. Synthesis, anti-proliferative activity, and toxicity of C4(C5) substituted N,N′-bis(arylmethyl)imidazolium salts. Tetrahedron, 72(38), 5729–5743.
2015 Huang, H., Taraboletti, A., & Shriver, L. P. Dimethyl fumarate modulates antioxidant and lipid metabolism in oligodendrocytes. Redox Biology, 5(0), 169–175.
2014 Chen, Y.-J., Hill, S., Huang, H., Taraboletti, A., Cho, K., Gallo, R., … Patti, G. J. Inflammation triggers production of dimethylsphingosine from oligodendrocytes. Neuroscience, 279, 113–121.
2014 Blair, R. G., Chagoya, K., Biltek, S., Jackson, S., Sinclair, A., Taraboletti, A., & Restrepo, D. T. The scalability in the mechanochemical syntheses of edge functionalized graphene materials and biomass-derived chemicals. Faraday Discussions, 170, 223-233.
Dr. Alexandra Taraboletti