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The Journalism Club prepares its members for careers in journalism in its multiple forms through experiential learning and fostering valuable relationships with working professionals in those fields, as well as being a reliable source of accurate information for the university and the community at large. Members of the club have created their own show that airs on UDC-TV, as well as a website and social media pages to share student work. They have also had prominent journalists to the university as guest speakers and taken trips to news stations including to see NBC Washington/Meet the Press.

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Film Club UDC Film Club — See the films and documentaries that matter, meet the creators and explore how our city is represented in films and TV. The UDC Film Club hosts filmmakers and their films, curates screenings, facilitates workshops and helps students prepare for internships and their own student films. Learn beyond the classroom, meet the creators, and join with other students on projects! The UDC Film club is open to students in the Digital Media program and beyond. All you need is a love of film and the time to learn and create.

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