Division of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Aparajita De

Welcome to UDC’s Division of Arts & Humanities (DAAH). We guide your four-year college experience to help you nurture community, curiosity, and creativity. We celebrate who you are and nourish the energy of who you will become. DAAH opens portals to help you study and celebrate the joy of the familiar and the adventure of finding the unfamiliar. This is your chance to become acquainted with creatives and writers such as Toni Morrison, Gordon Parks, Florence Price, Julia Alvarez, Dorothy Hayes among others. This is where you learn how to make compelling arguments and productive connections through our Programs in Art, Music, Photography, English, and Digital Media.

DAAH courses introduce broad and critical knowledge with interdisciplinary reach and encourage you to develop a diversity of thought with community resonances. We foster an inclusive, cooperative, and collaborative environment to enhance your learning experience. Our division advocates for flexible learning modalities and encourages individuals to explore diverse pathways, nurturing critical and creative thinking. With our dedicated and high-caliber instructional and research faculty, both current and incoming residents of the DMV area can rest assured that we are committed to supporting your journey toward sustainable growth.

In practicing your imagination and strengthening your passion for the Arts & the Humanities, DAAH will enhance your powers of engagement and empathy. We will deepen your understanding of our shared humanity and prepare you for the world that beckons you beyond UDC.

I am humbled and proud to serve your needs as the Chairperson of the Division and endeavor to give you the best learning experience along with a supporting crew of mentors, teachers, staff members, and community partners that will guide your journey.

Welcome to the fold!

Aparajita De (she/her; pronounce: Aw-paw-ra-gee-ta Day)
Chair, Division of Arts and Humanities

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DAAH Programs:

Art: Studio Art, Graphic Design, Photography
Digital Media

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