Request to Restore Blackboard Course

    Each semester, the Center for the Advancement of Learning archives term courses in order to make the most efficient use of storage space on our Blackboard servers. This action removes courses from the Blackboard Learning System portal. Instructors interested in maintaining access to content stored in their courses should export their courses to their office computer or an external drive. Once the courses have been archived, they will only be available by submitting requests for courses to be restored to our test site.

    Follow these steps to restore a Blackboard course:

    1. Fill out the Restore Course form.
    2. Once you submit the form, the Blackboard administrator will restore the course on the test site.
    3. You will receive an email within 3-5 business days with login information and other instructions if applicable.

    Complete the form below to request a course restore. If you have questions or require assistance, contact us at

    Course title must be spelled in its entirety

    We cannot restore the course without a CRN number. If you don’t know the CRN Number, please contact your department.

    5 days10 days20 days

    After the selected time, the course will be purged.

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