Myrtilla Miner Overview

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The Myrtilla Miner Faculty Fellows Institute (MMFI) seeks to enhance teaching and learning at the University of the District of Columbia to improve student learning gains.  The institute enhances participant knowledge of how people learn, expands and diversifies faculty toolkits, and provides opportunities to apply what is being learned through the development of course materials. The program creates opportunities for faculty to learn from the readings, associated activities, instructor feedback, self-reflection, and other faculty in the learning community. MMFI is especially aimed at assisting faculty transition into the professoriate and the UDC community. Once faculty complete the institute, they become eligible to serve as C.A.L. Fellows for a limited appointment. The MMFI takes place every three years. The next MMFI will commence in fall 2018. Please contact Dr. Morris Thomas at if you are interested in applying.

Myrtilla Miner Objectives

  • Apply research and learning and development theories to teaching;
  • Use a variety of teaching methods to address all learners effectively;
  • Apply the principles of integrated course design to develop syllabi, assessments, and individual lesson plans;
  • Develop a reflective and purposeful approach to teaching
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