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Kaltura is a cloud-based video tool that allows faculty and learners to create, host, and share video and audio inside the Blackboard course environment. It allows for higher collaboration amongst faculty and learners and has the ability to enhance the student learning experience with engaging assignments and assessments (i.e., interactive video quizzing).

Getting Started

What is Kaltura? Watch
My Media Watch
Media Gallery Watch

Kaltura Personal Capture

Getting Started with Kaltura Personal Capture Application Watch
Download and Install Kaltura Capture Desktop Watch
Kaltura Personal Capture Walkthrough Video Watch
How to Set and Create a Presentation Recording with Kaltura Personal Capture Watch
How to Set the Recording Options in Kaltura Personal Capture Watch

Managing your Kaltura Media

Editing Video Options Watch
Publishing Media to Media Gallery Watch
Publishing Media via Build Content Button Watch
Publishing Media via Mashup Tool Watch
Add the Media Gallery Tool to Your Course Menu Watch

Interactive Quiz

How to Create Interactive video Quizzes Watch
Analytics Area of the Interactive Video Quiz Watch
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