Faculty Resources

The ARC collaborates with faculty to ensure that students with disabilities receive the accommodations as outlined on the ARC Accommodation Form. University faculty have the expectation that students will initiate accommodation requests in a timely manner throughout the semester to ensure the appropriate implementation of such requests. In addition, faculty have the right and responsibility to provide disability-related accommodations only to students who are registered with the ARC. Faculty may consult with a student regarding a request for accommodation, but may not inquire as to the nature of the disability or request supporting documentation.

University faculty have the responsibility of identifying and establishing essential functions, abilities, skills, and knowledge of their courses and evaluating all students on this basis. Faculty also have the responsibility of acting immediately and appropriately upon receiving a student’s ARC Accommodation Form, including: signing the form, keeping a copy of the form, and either providing the reasonable accommodation(s) or contacting ARC for further guidance.

Members of the faculty must maintain the confidentiality of students with disabilities in the classroom as well as in handling any disability-related correspondence.