UDC Welcomes International Students

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UDC provides a supportive learning environment for international students from more than 80 countries from all over the world. UDC is one of the most affordable and welcoming places for international students to earn a degree.

International Students

If the following criteria are true for you, then you are in the right place and can apply to UDC as an international student:

  1. You seek either an Associate’s degree from UDC’s Community College or a Bachelor’s degree from UDC’s Flagship University.—we need to include graduate students and law school applicants
  2. You plan to study full time (at least 12 credits per term) the entire time you attend UDC.
  3. You are a foreign national who holds or intends to hold a non-immigrant visa/status in the United States of America, such as F-1, H-4, L-2, G-4, etc. ( not correctOr, you are a “pending” permanent resident in the United States of America. (Your application for permanent resident status to the USCIS is submitted but not yet adjudicated.)

U.S. citizens (including those with dual citizenship), U.S. permanent residents, are not considered international applicants.  Please refer to the guidelines for first time in college students, transfer students, re-admit students or graduate students.

For more information regarding International Admissions, please contact the following:

Associates and Bachelor’s degree: Sherma Lawrie, International Admissions Counselor at 202.274.5234 or Sherma.lawrie@udc.edu

Graduate degree: Akua Sewer, Director of Graduate Admissions  at 202.274.7075 or  asewer@udc.edu

Law school: Camille Thompson,  Assistant Director of Admission – Law School at 202.274.5592 or camille.thompson@udc.edu

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Use this step-by-step admissions guide to learn more about UDC’s admissions standards and application requirements for international students.

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Admission Deadlines

Application Priority Deadlines

Term US Students International Students
Fall May 15 Apr 15
Spring Oct 15 Sep 15
Summer Apr 15 Mar 15
No Graduate admissions for Summer term

Explanation of Admission Deadlines