Purchasing Books through Follett Bookstore

Eligible Financial Aid Recipients

Eligible financial aid recipients may purchase their books directly from the Follett Bookstore at either the Flagship Campus or Community College. In general, book authorizations are available the week before class until the last day to drop and add. Financial aid recipients that have a credit balance after tuition and fees are eligible to purchase books. To be eligible, aid recipients must have completed the following, which may be confirmed via your MyUDC account, my.udc.edu:

  • Accepted your financial aid award offer and have registered for classes for the semester.Students waiting for an award offer MUST wait at least 48 hours after they have accepted their award before an authorization is made to purchase books.
  • Completed a Title IV Authorization Release for Non-Institutional Charges Form, which reflects that you have authorized The Office of Financial Aid to pay for your book charges with your aid.
  • Verify that you are not on Financial Aid Suspension or any status that prevents your funds from being authorized.
  • Determined if you have a credit balance by subtracting your tuition and fee charges from your financial aid award.

IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ON ANY OF THE ABOVE, PLEASE CHECK YOUR MYUDC STUDENT PORTAL at http://my.udc.edu. You may use any of the Kiosk stations in the Student Services Reception Area of Building 39, Level A to access this information.

Obtaining Books from the Follett Bookstore

Eligible students will receive a book voucher approval email from finaid@udc.edu at both their UDC and personal email address during the designated book voucher period,https://www.udc.edu/financial_aid/office_financial_aid.  Students should not proceed to the bookstore until an approval notification has been received.

  • Once approval email is received, proceed to the Follett Bookstore to purchase your books and supplies.
  • You MUST have a valid UDC student ID to purchase books. No Other Form of ID will be Accepted.
  • You may only purchase books and supplies up to your authorized award amount. You may not purchase items that are not related to your education at UDC.
  • The charges incurred will be posted to your student account and deducted against your financial aid credit balance (refund) after the transaction is complete.

Bookstore Purchase Restrictions

Students are restricted to book and supply purchases related to their current semester and program of study. Federal student aid recipients may not use their bookstore authorization to purchase books for other students or for items that are not educationally related. Examples of these items would include cell-phones, expensive headphones, DVD’s or music videos.

Students with excessive charges and purchases that are not related to their program of study may have their authorization to purchase books using their financial aid funds suspended. Please visit the Financial Aid Office should you have questions.

Virtual FAFSA Completion Assistance Available

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*Please leave a voice mail message and a representative will return your call.

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