Eight Steps for Creating an Assessment Cycle in Your Program

  1. Define your purpose
    • Reference mission and vision statements

    • Focus on improvement and demonstrated effectiveness
  1. Identify your goals
    • Target three to five at a time
  1. Identify aligned objectives and outcomes
    • Generate specific, measurable, and observable aims
  1. Identify, design, and implement your assessment activities
    • Create and adopt assignments, projects, program activities, workshops, outreach efforts, customer service plans
  1. Identify, design, and implement your assessment methods
    • Use multiple (and mixed) methods, e.g., rubrics, checklists, surveys, focus groups, interviews, content analysis
  1. Create benchmarks and/or targets
    • Identify standards and/or projected figures to achieve goals, objectives, and outcomes
  1. Collect and analyze data
    • Write concise summaries and create data visualizations
  1. Develop a report—include actions for continuous improvement
    • Identify at least three actions in your improvement plan
    • Demonstrate effectiveness
    • Share report/findings widely with stakeholders

Tip: Be attentive to logistics and relevant processes, e.g., resource allocation, deliverables, timelines, and responsible parties.

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