Office of Institutional Assessment and Outcomes

At the University of the District of Columbia, assessment is an institution-wide priority. We believe that understanding the “cumulative effects of the educational process” (Banta and Palomba, 2015, p. 10) means gathering evidence of student learning and engagement across all major units—to realize the goals established in our strategic plan. To that end, UDC’s cycle of continuous improvement is utilized across the entire institution as a guide to develop and support assessment processes and practices that are integrative and aligned.

The mission of the Office of Institutional Assessment and Outcomes, which is a part of the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, is to work collaboratively with academic, student development/success, operational, and administrative units across UDC to create and embed university-wide assessment practices that are attentive to campus, local, regional, and national issues and standards—for continuous improvement and in support of equitable student outcomes. The office’s goals and objectives are listed respectively, below. Please contact UDC’s Director of Institutional Assessment and Outcomes (Dr. Rebecca Graham) at any time to collaborate and/or discuss your assessment priorities and needs.