Chief Academic Officer (CAO) CAO Office 274-5072 Academic Mission and Policies, Accreditation, Assessment, Strategic Planning, Budgets, Academic Administration, Program Development and Review, Deans, Chairs, Directors, Research, Grants and Contracts, Academic Ceremonies
Dr. Scott Krawczyk Associate CAO, MSCHE Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) CAO Office 274-5309 Accreditation, Faculty Affairs, Academic Administration, Registrar, General Education
Dr. Malva Reid Assistant CAO CAO Office 274-7037 Graduate and Online Education, Academic Partnerships, Continuing & Professional Education
Mr. Herman Prescott Assistant CAO CAO Office 274-5311 Academic Budgets, Space Planning, Resources, Grievances
Mr. Wyl Strong Project Specialist CAO Office 274-5899 Administrative Projects, Procurement, Purchasing, PCard Reconciliation
Ms. Denise Slaughter Special Assistant to CAO CAO Office 274-5917 Administrative Support, Scheduling, Communications, Academic Events
Dr. Victor McCrary Vice President Office of University Research 274-7443 Research Administration, Office of Sponsored Programs, Patents, Tech Transfer
Dr. April Massey Dean College of Arts & Sciences 274-5591 Faculty, Divisions, Programs, Curricula, Students
Dr. Dwane Jones Dean College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability & Environmental Science 274-7182 Faculty, Departments, Land-grant Programs, Curricula, Students
Dr. Devdas Shetty Dean School of Engineering & Applied Sciences 274-5033 Faculty, Departments, Research Centers, Curricula, Students
Dr. Mohamad Sepehri Dean School of Business & Public Administration 274-5612 Faculty, Departments, Curricula, Students
Dr. Marilyn Hamilton Dean UDC-Community College 274-5789 Faculty, Divisions, Curricula, Students, Associates Degree, Career & Technical Education
Dr. MaShonda Smith Dean Workforce Development & Lifelong Learning 274-6532 Pathways, Job-Readiness, Workforce Training and Certifications
Ms. Melba Broome Director Learning Resources/Libraries 274-6118 Libraries, Information Literacy, Databases, Circulation, Reference, Media Specialists
Ms. Beverly Lucas Director Continuing & Professional Education 274-7430 Continuing Education, Community & Corporate Partnerships
Mrs. Tiffany Cooper Registrar Office of the Registrar 274-6085 Transcripts, Degree Works, Audits, Transfer Evaluations, Academic Policy Enforcement