Amerigroup DC Supports UDC-WDLL Students and DC Residents Through a New Workforce Development Grant

Amerigroup DC Supports UDC-WDLL Students and DC Residents Through a New Workforce Development Grant

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Madeline Levy Cruz, Associate Dean
University of the District of Columbia
Workforce Development & Lifelong Learning

Amerigroup DC Supports UDC-WDLL Students and DC Residents Through a New Workforce Development Grant

Washington, DC — The University of the District of Columbia, Division of Workforce Development & Lifelong Learning (UDC-WDLL), is pleased to announce a game-changing workforce partnership with Amerigroup DC. In an ongoing commitment to bolster the DC community, Amerigroup DC is donating $64,500 to UDC-WDLL to help break down employment and job training barriers for students who are DC residents.

This generous financial contribution will be strategically invested in:

  1. Enhanced Connectivity: Suppling eligible students with mobile hotspots to bridge the digital divide, guaranteeing secure and reliable internet access.
  2. Transportation Solutions: Offering ride-sharing assistance to ease the financial burden of commuting to classes and other activities important to learning and career success.
  3. Educational Stipends: Incentivizing eligible students, so they can pay for the completion of credentialing and certification exams, and providing additional monetary rewards once they pass their certification exams.

These incentives are subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis. Eligible UDC-WDLL students must meet all necessary requirements within given deadline dates. For information on how to secure Amerigroup-funded support, email

UDC-WDLL is committed to supporting the success of our students stepping into their success by achieving their career and job training goals, by engaging in partnerships with community and employer partners throughout the region. This partnership with Amerigroup DC represents a significant stride in that direction, further enhancing our commitment to empower the district’s residents on their journey to success.

Adrian Jordan, President of Amerigroup DC, also expressed, “Amerigroup DC is pleased to facilitate opportunities for UDC students and DC residents to overcome hurdles, so they can achieve their educational and career goals. We thank UDC-WDLL for its shared commitment to enriching lives and look forward to seeing the accomplishments of these students as they transform into self-sustaining professionals, who stand ready to contribute to strengthening their community.”

About Amerigroup

Amerigroup is a prominent American health insurance and managed healthcare provider, serving 7.7 million seniors, people with disabilities, low-income families, and other state and federally sponsored beneficiaries. It is the nation’s largest provider of healthcare for public programs, also extending its services to federal employees in 26 states. Learn more.

About UDC Workforce Development

The mission of the UDC Division of Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning (UDC-WDLL) is aimed at helping District of Columbia Residents to attain high quality entry-level career training and industry-recognized certifications and credentials to enhance their employability and their entry, retention, and advancement into in-demand industries throughout the region. UDC-WDLL ultimately seeks to reduce unemployment and underemployment in the District of Columbia by enhancing the skills of its residents.



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