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French: The UDC Edge

Foreign languages have been part of the UDC curriculum since 1851 at UDC’s predecessor institution, Miner Teachers College.  Our program explores the full spectrum of French-speaking communities in diverse regions of the world, such as Canada, West Africa and the Caribbean.

Thus, it allows students to engage in building bridges between their other fields of knowledge and their proficiency in French as well as the economic, cultural and intellectual potential of countries and regions across the world.

Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in French

The bachelor’s degree program in French at the University of the District of Columbia explores French language, literature and culture as it is found in diverse regions across the globe. You will hone your analytical and critical thinking skills while gaining a rich cultural perspective.  

A French degree, whether independently or as part of a dual major, can make you a more attractive prospect when you enter the job market. UDC also offers you the opportunity to earn teacher certification in French at the elementary and secondary levels.


Curriculum and Requirements in the UDC French Program

The academic program leading to a BA in French prepares students for graduate school and professional employment through study devoted to the language, culture, literature, and civilization of the various French-speaking people living in diverse regions of the world.

You may choose from two bachelor’s degree options:

  • French
    • You may combine a major in French with a secondary major.
  • French with teacher certification
    • The program prepares students for immediate entry into the workforce as a teacher of French at the elementary and high school levels.
    • In addition to the courses for majors, you would take 21-plus hours in the Department of Education

You must complete 120 credit hours to earn the bachelor’s degree in French.

A French minor is also available.

Student Organizations and Activities in the UDC French Program

  • French Club
  • Language workshops
  • Internships on Capitol Hill
  • Translation services for community-based organizations
  • Conference presentations
  • Study abroad

Faculty Spotlight: UDC French Program

UDC’s French faculty are accomplished scholars, skilled researchers and attentive instructors.

Dr. Marie Racine is an American Council on Education Fellow in Higher Education Administration. She has worked extensively in Haiti, including in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake, and taught on Haitian Creole language and culture.

Career Pathways and Prospects

The bachelor’s degree option for teacher certification in French prepares you for immediate entry into the workforce as a French teacher at the elementary and high school levels. The program works closely with the District of Columbia Public Schools and many graduates have been employed in area schools.

The French program also prepares students to use French language skills and cultural knowledge for careers in civil and foreign service, business and the arts, as well as at international organizations. 

Contact info:

E: | T: 202.274.5194 | F: 202.274.5589